Make-a-List Monday: John in its various forms

Since last week I did a list of MPs named Mary or some nickname or international form of Mary, I thought I’d do John this week. Again, using Nameberry’s lists: John’s international forms and John’s nicknames.

Fun fact: the name “Jonathan” actually comes from Nathan, not John, but I’m adding it to the list anyway.

If there’s an asterisk, the MP is female. I didn’t count all the females named Jean or Jan, because almost all of them on Charley are female, or the females named Jackie, cause for women that’s short for Jacqueline.) The obligatory warning: I might have missed some people.


  1. John Howard Andrews
  2. John Joseph Antinoro
  3. John Jay Ashley Jr.
  4. John Haywood Barreto
  5. Jon Clair Barrett
  6. John Denner Bean
  7. John Paul Belloni
  8. John F. Bolden
  9. John Chrismon Bridgers Jr.
  10. John Arthur Butler
  11. John Clifton Butler
  12. John L. Calvert
  13. John Stewart Campbell
  14. John Michael Carroll
  15. John Andrews Cheek
  16. John Darwin Chesley
  17. John Chocha Jr.
  18. John S. Claypool
  19. John Colonna Aponte
  20. Jon Michael Dabkowski
  21. John Davis
  22. John Davis Jr.
  23. John T. Davis
  24. John Wesley Davis
  25. John Patrick Deeny
  26. John Warren Deetz
  27. John Thomas Degnan III
  28. Jon Pierre Duvall
  29. John Basil Gelardi
  30. John Henry Geppert III
  31. John Allen Giddens
  32. John Carl Goodman
  33. John David Gosch
  34. John Robert Handrahan
  35. John Scott Hahn
  36. Jon Truscott Haynes
  37. John Lloyd Heflin
  38. John Edward Higham
  39. John Scott Holt
  40. John Gregory Hughes
  41. John E. Hundley
  42. John Christopher Inman
  43. John Gordon Iverson
  44. John Henry Jacobson
  45. John M. Jarvis
  46. John Johnson
  47. John P. Katsilieris
  48. John Davis Keefer
  49. John Patrick Kerrigan
  50. John Mitchell Kinsora Jr.
  51. John Koziatek
  52. John Stephen Kozma
  53. John Kueper
  54. John Eric Lake
  55. John Francis Lango
  56. John Lima
  57. John Cameron Lovering
  58. John Ray Ludolph V
  59. John J. Markley Jr.
  60. John Freisen Martens
  61. John Edward Morgan
  62. John Thomas Morford
  63. John James Morris Jr.
  64. John Patrick Morrissey
  65. John Thai Nguyen
  66. Jon Evans Otteson
  67. John Edward Parks
  68. John Pavlat
  69. John Clyde Perrin
  70. John Dolan Phillips
  71. John C. Podniestrzanski
  72. Jon Wolfe Ramage
  73. John Albert Ramirez
  74. John Stephen Rato
  75. John Baptiste Reamer
  76. John Cameron Reece
  77. John Myron Reed Jr.
  78. John Patrick Rowan Jr.
  79. John Dunwell Samen
  80. John Sapienza
  81. John Robert Scialabba
  82. Jon Paul Shadden
  83. John Joseph Simons
  84. John Smith South Jr.
  85. John Michael Spira
  86. John Thistlewood
  87. John W. Thompson
  88. John Allen Troha
  89. John Matthew Thrasher
  90. John Daniel Van Voorhis
  91. John Wagner Jr.
  92. John Wade Wagner
  93. John William Wagner
  94. John E. Warren
  95. John Albert Weichelt
  96. John T. Weisbecker
  97. John Tibor Weisz
  98. John Kiergan Williams
  99. John Melvin Wipert
  100. John Zimmer
  101. John Edward Zimmerman II


  1. Johnny Babino
  2. Johnnie Ball
  3. Johnny Lee Baker
  4. Johnny Lamar Brown
  5. Johnny Mireles Cabanyog
  6. Johnny Crosby
  7. Johnny Robert Doyle
  8. Johnny Chumba Galvan
  9. Johnny Gonzales
  10. Johnnie Jo Herrera
  11. Johnny Ray Kincaid
  12. Johnnie O’Neal Jr.
  13. Johnny Quincy O’Neal
  14. Johnny L. Parker
  15. Johnny Perez
  16. Johnny E. Rosas
  17. John Sanchez Salazar
  18. Johnny Joe Shields
  19. Johnnie Stevenson
  20. Jonnie Renee White*


  1. Jackie Lee Berry Jr.
  2. Jack Clawson
  3. Jack Leon Cooper
  4. Jack Fisher
  5. Jack Jerome Girou
  6. Jack Alan Hamons
  7. Jack R. Hemby
  8. Jack Allen Hilton
  9. Jack Irwin
  10. Jack Libardo Jimenez
  11. Jackie Larry Letney
  12. Jack Duane Morgan
  13. Jack Murrian
  14. Jack Randal Morris
  15. Jackie Edward Orders
  16. Jack Daniel Phillips
  17. Jackie Robinson
  18. Jack Allen Schultz
  19. Jackie Wayne Urich
  20. Jack Eugene Waller
  21. Jack Edward West
  22. Jack Scott Wood


  1. Jonathon Steven Arciniega
  2. Jonathan Aujay
  3. Jonathan David Berry
  4. Jonathan James Betts
  5. Jonathan Kyle Brackett
  6. Jonathan Alexander Camacho
  7. Jonathan Samuel Dorry
  8. Jonathan Alan Glass
  9. Jonathan Tyrone Granison-Bradley
  10. Jonathan Edward Hagans
  11. Jonathan Aaron Hawkins
  12. Jonathon Michael Henry
  13. Jonathan Terry Holley
  14. Jonathan James Lorrigan
  15. Jonathan M. McNabb
  16. Jonathan Josue Martinez
  17. Jonathan Mordoche
  18. Jonathan Ogawa
  19. Jonathan Schaff
  20. Jonathan A. Schrattenholzer
  21. Johnathon Michael Dean Williams
  22. Jonathan Williams
  23. Jonathan Lee Zeigler


  1. Shawn Farzad Attaie
  2. Shawn Richard Bullock
  3. Shaun Wayne Cordova
  4. Sean Christopher Dubs
  5. Sean Wayne Evans
  6. Sean P. Friel
  7. Shawn Patrick Gallagher
  8. Shawn Darnell Givens
  9. Shawn Hale
  10. Shawn C. Hess
  11. Sean Ogawa Hillman
  12. Sean Michael McCracken
  13. Sean Kristian Morrow
  14. Sean Kenneth Phelan
  15. Shawn Desiree Short*
  16. Shawn Eric Spencer
  17. Shaun David Steward
  18. Shaun Thornhill
  19. Shawn White


  1. Shane Ryan Donahue
  2. Shane Michael Fell
  3. Shane Jerome Govan
  4. Shane Lawrence McKinney
  5. Shane William Neuhaus
  6. Shane Anthony Walker


  1. Ian Hunter Burnet
  2. Ian Dennis Foster
  3. Ian Ashley Richardson


  1. Juan Manuel Briones
  2. Juan Ernesto Echegaray
  3. Juan Flores
  4. Juan Gravado
  5. Juan Carlos Herrera-Arias
  6. Juan Izaguirie
  7. Juan Ernesto Jauregui Jr.
  8. Juan Ramon Madrid-Bueso
  9. Juan Guillermo Montoya
  10. Juan Rafael Neciosup
  11. Juan Antonio Ramirez Villanueva
  12. Juan Zuniga Rangel
  13. Juan Rico


  1. Jiovany Gomez
  2. Giovanni Ernesto Gonzalez


  1. Ivan Ernesto Aguilar
  2. Ivan Barela
  3. Ivan Guadalupe Barraza


  1. Hans Harry Okelsrud


  1. Evan Allan Snider


  1. Jan Ostrom


  1. Jean Marie Monfort


  1. Johan Leandro Garcia-Bonilla
  2. Johan Nunes


  1. Jens Paeschke

14 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: John in its various forms

  1. michael w. October 3, 2016 / 2:42 am

    I guess I don’t understand what the purpose of these lists are. Wouldn’t it be more constructive to tackle your massive backlog of cases that need to be added and things of that nature instead of spending vast amounts of time each week on a list that nobody could possibly use in any way, shape or form? Especially since most lists forget one, some or many entries and aren’t ever amended to include the omissions.

    • Meaghan October 3, 2016 / 10:06 am

      The lists are very popular with the blog readers. They serve a purpose for me too: an opportunity to look at the cases again, correct typos, check if people are still missing and purge them if they aren’t.

    • lz October 3, 2016 / 11:03 am

      They’re interesting! Also, a lot of them are useful when looking at UIDs (specific tattoos, pregnancies, possible medical things especially). The names are helpful when you get one where the killer says “her name may have been Dana or Diana” (like Shawn Grates first victim) or “his name could have been John”.

      Plus, it’s interesting to see how connected everyone is. Also, it sparks interest in old cases.

    • Deb October 3, 2016 / 10:59 pm

      I enjoy the lists- they are one of my favorite parts of the blog! It’s a great way to see cases I’ve never seen before, and it’s interesting to see them grouped together thematically.

  2. Kat October 3, 2016 / 3:31 pm

    Wouldn’t you just like Meaghan to decide how to spend her constructive time? I know I would. And it does generate interest in cases some might choose to pass by.

    • aphra75 October 3, 2016 / 7:33 pm

      Yes, exactly. (on both counts) Meaghan runs this site by herself, in her spare time–who are you to tell her how to spend it, Michael?

      I’ve always been puzzled by Jens Paeschke’s case. You’d think he would’ve been pretty easy to track, since he was Germany

      • aphra75 October 3, 2016 / 7:34 pm

        er….from Germany.

      • michael w. October 4, 2016 / 12:08 am

        That’s just it though. Numerous people have offered to help her over the years and she consistently and constantly turns them down for what she has described as her own “selfish reasons”. I think it’s even been suggested that some people could post tentative updates/new case files and give her the power to change it if she wants and she has even refused that.

        Last I knew, there were nearly a thousand case files (some that have been waiting for years) that needed to be added. I think it’s obvious the site is too much work for one person. I just had the chutzpah to say what a lot of people were thinking.

        And no, I’m not “concern trolling” or whatever. I have “donated” to Meghan in the past and plan to again. I love the site and don’t want it to go away. But I think we’re at a bit of a crossroads here and we have to decide what’s most important. There’s a massive back log of missing people that need exposure on here.

      • Meaghan October 4, 2016 / 12:41 am

        I’m reconsidering the whole assistance thing. I threw out my shoulders writing up all those Virginia cases; they froze up, felt like wood, I couldn’t sleep for the pain. I had to get steroids injected into the knotted up muscles. My own doctor is advising me to take on some help just for the medical reasons.

  3. Kat October 3, 2016 / 8:11 pm

    I actually shouldn’t have said that. I’ve been having a lousy few days and I took that chance to take it out here. That was wrong of me. And I apologize for being a shit starter. However, I stand by my statement. There were better ways to phrase it and go about it. So, sorry to all. Though I’m sure my days haven’t sucked as bad as Meaghans.

    • Meaghan October 3, 2016 / 10:23 pm

      I’m feeling better physically, but today sucked nevertheless. I got the police report and discovered the other driver DID NOT HAVE A LICENSE. No license means no insurance either. And here I’ve got no car, and I’ve got medical expenses, and I’d been counting on having her insurance cover all that, but nope. I am pretty angry about it and wish I could give her a piece of my mind. “Failure to yield” is a mistake. “Failure to get a license and driving anyway” is a crime.

      She spoke a mixture of Spanish and heavily accented English. The car wasn’t hers; it was registered to an Alfonso Z. Ruiz, and the report says the purpose of her driving was “farm/personal” which makes me wonder if she is a farm worker and Mr. Ruiz is her boss. I suppose he probably has insurance, but they might very well say “You lent your car to an unlicensed person, we’re not covering any of that.” Given all of this, I wonder if the reason she doesn’t have a license is that she isn’t supposed to be here. If this is so, that would make her the SECOND illegal immigrant who almost killed me. Sigh.

      I called my insurance company and told them all of this and they’re going to get back to me tomorrow. Fortunately I do have uninsured motorist coverage and I’ve got injury coverage. I suppose my insurance will cover me and then go after this other driver, and probably Mr. Ruiz, themselves.

    • MJ October 5, 2016 / 4:14 am

      The age/DOB would rule this guy out, I think.

      • Lori October 6, 2016 / 10:36 am

        One disappeared and would have been 48 in 2012 (dob 6/15), the other died in Sept 2012 at age 49. Unless my math is totally off.

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