Make-a-List Monday: Mary in its various forms

I thought I’d do a Make-a-List Monday for girls and women who have the first name Mary, or some variant of Mary. The various forms of Mary were the most popular female name in the Christian world for 400 years. Because the name was so common, a lot of girls named Mary went by a nickname, or by their middle name, by their first and middle names together.

In 1947 in the United States, “Linda” ousted “Mary” from its position as most popular name. But Mary had the last laugh. Last year, according to the Social Security administration, Mary ranked 124, with 2,604 newborn girls given that name; Linda ranked #671, with just 423 babies named that.

For this list I’m using Nameberry‘s list of Mary’s international variations and list of stylish variations (that is, nicknames), so if you don’t like my choices, blame Nameberry, not me.

If the MP’s name has a * next to it, it means the person is male. John Wayne’s real first name was Marion, and regarding the “Marian” thing, Nameberry says that in Polish, “Marian” is a form of the indubitably male name Marius.

And, of course, I include the usual caveat that I might have missed a few.


  1. Mary Jill Adams
  2. Mary Edna Badaracco
  3. Mary Ann Bagenstose
  4. Mary Lou Bivins
  5. Mary Lou Black
  6. Mary Lou Boston
  7. Mary Eleanor Wolf Brenion
  8. Mary Gertrude Brosley
  9. Mary Rachel Bryan
  10. Mary Jo Burnette
  11. Mary Patricia Burns
  12. Mary Anna Carmelo
  13. Mary Virginia Carpenter
  14. Mary Elizabeth Carter
  15. Mary Margaret Cook
  16. Mary Alice Cox
  17. Mary Louise Day
  18. Mary Elizabeth Dietz
  19. Mary Alice Dixon
  20. Mary Darlene Evans
  21. Mary Carol Hill Fredrick
  22. Mary Geneva Friend
  23. Mary Angela Gallegos
  24. Mary Kathryn Greene
  25. Mary Frances Gregory
  26. Mary Everette Harrison
  27. Mary Louise Hawkins
  28. Mary Alice Helm
  29. Mary Inez Hoy
  30. Mary Frances Hunter
  31. Mary Elizabeth Jarrett
  32. Mary Ann Johnson
  33. Mary Sue Kitts
  34. Mary Ann Knightly
  35. Mary T. Kushto
  36. Mary Denise Lands
  37. Mary Georgine Lang
  38. Mary Jacqueline Levitz
  39. Mary Shotwell Little
  40. Mary Jo Lee Long
  41. Mary Elizabeth Loper
  42. Mary Elizabeth Lozano
  43. Mary Ellen Marcum
  44. Mary Louise McCullar
  45. Mary McFadyen
  46. Mary Jean McLaughlin
  47. Mary Kay McMillan
  48. Mary Katherine Miller
  49. Mary Agnes Moroney
  50. Mary Oliva
  51. Mary Opitz
  52. Mary Ann Perez
  53. Mary Francis Pike
  54. Mary Elizabeth Plavnick
  55. Mary Kay Radford
  56. Mary Colette Rawlinson
  57. Mary Elizabeth Rico
  58. Mary Rhodes Robertson
  59. Mary Joetta Roderick
  60. Mary Leah Rodermund
  61. Mary Selmeczki
  62. Mary Lou Sena
  63. Mary Jimmie Shinn
  64. Mary Michelle Sprague
  65. Mary Elizabeth Stuart
  66. Mary Ann Ruth Switalski
  67. Mary Jean Sylvestre
  68. Mary Ann Tautkus
  69. Mary Kathleen Thill
  70. Mary Jo Thompson
  71. Mary Rachel Trlica
  72. Mary Ann Verdecchia
  73. Mary Louise Walker
  74. Mary Louise Watkins
  75. Mary Anne Wesolowski
  76. Mary Ann White
  77. Mary Elizabeth Wilcox
  78. Mary Alice Williams
  79. Mary T. Zedalis


  1. Maria Aguilar
  2. Maria Florence Anjiras
  3. Maria Luisa Berania
  4. Maria Senorina Bolanos-Rivera
  5. Maria Isabel Pacheco Buendia
  6. Maria Del Carmen-Perez
  7. Maria Isabel Emeterio
  8. Maria Pomona Cruz Estrada
  9. Maria Estrada-Torres
  10. Maria Isaia Flores Rubio
  11. Maria Gomez
  12. Maria Quizhpe Guaman
  13. Maria Socorro Kimbrell
  14. Maria De Jesus Martinez
  15. Maria De Los Angeles Martinez
  16. Maria Antonia Mauricio
  17. Maria Medel
  18. Maria Gabriela Medina
  19. Maria Mendoza
  20. Maria Mendoza (II)
  21. Maria Nina Miller
  22. Maria Ann Monrean
  23. Maria Guadalupe Montano
  24. Maria Oliveras Negron
  25. Maria Magdalena Carralejo Ojeda
  26. Maria Rosario Olea
  27. Maria Dolores Rosales Pacheco
  28. Maria De Lourdes Pahl
  29. Maria C. Procopio
  30. Maria I. Reyes
  31. Maria Theresa Ruthling
  32. Maria Ines Salazar
  33. Maria Sanchez
  34. Maria Theresa Santos
  35. Maria G. Serrano
  36. Maria De Jesus Valdovinos


  1. Marie Ann Blee
  2. Marie Theresa Cherry
  3. Marie Chantal Delly
  4. Marie D. Jost
  5. Marie Lopez
  6. Marie Musial
  7. Marie Lucie Sagasta
  8. Marie Elizabeth Spannhake
  9. Marie Simonia Wade
  10. Marie Ann Watson
  11. Marie Antionette White


  1. Miriam A. Cavallo
  2. Miriam Ruth Hemphill


  1. Marian Elizabeth Brown
  2. Marian Joan Hurley
  3. Marian Madys*


  1. Marion Fye
  2. Marion Gonangnan
  3. Marion Bobby Gresham Sr.*
  4. Marion McCleneghan-Sodo
  5. Marion Arthur Osuna*
  6. Marion George Perry*
  7. Marion Grant Watts*
  8. Marion Marquez Williams*


  1. Marianne Bowers
  2. Maryanne Jane Ruffini
  3. Marianne Waters


  1. Maureen Russell Baca
  2. Maureen Erin Fields
  3. Maureen Webb


  1. Mara Gorelik


  1. Mariel Encarnacion
  2. Mariela Roblero Bravo


  1. Mari Ann Fowler


  1. Molly Laura Dattilo
  2. Molly Anne Franquemont
  3. Molly Miller


  1. Polly Kay Miclean


  1. Mamie Brown


  1. Minnie Evette Taylor

4 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Mary in its various forms

  1. LM September 26, 2016 / 10:54 am

    I know that this very OT for a site for american cases, but I wanted to mention that authorities have begun a dig, to search for Ben Needham’s remains, today.

    Ben was a 21 month-old toddler when he disappeared 25 years ago on the Greek island of Kos, and the authorities now think he may have been accidentally killed in a construction site accident.

    • Meaghan September 26, 2016 / 1:18 pm

      Yeah, I’ve heard about the dig, and posted articles about it on Charley’s Facebook page.

  2. Kat September 26, 2016 / 6:25 pm

    I don’t know about that indubitably male name stuff. Especially these days, the unique name thing is out of control. I was gobsmacked reading the pages of birth announcements for my area recently. Might make for another list, if you haven’t done so already, gals with male type names and vice versa. Like Marcus Maxine Stalnaker. I know this feels OT, sorry, the M thing got me thinking.

    • Meaghan September 26, 2016 / 9:24 pm

      Anne Rice, renowned author of vampire fiction, was named “Howard” at birth. It was her father’s idea. She had humiliating experiences and hated the name. So when she started school at age five or so, her mother took her to meet the teacher and the teacher asked, “What’s your name?” she said the first girl’s name that came to her head: “Anne.”

      Mom didn’t like her daughter’s birth name any more than the little girl did, so she went along with it, didn’t correct the teacher, never said a thing about it. And Howard was Anne from then on out.

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