A little help here, again?

[EDIT: Several wonderful angels came through. Thank you so much!]

Twice now I’ve asked you guys for help about this: when I go to the Minnesota state missing persons page and try clicking on any of their PDF posters, I get an error message. I’ve tried my PC, Michael’s PC, my Kindle Fire and my iPhone and get the same stupid error message each time.

Y’all came through and sent me PDFs I can read of the posters, but there are some new ones now. So can you come through again? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Specifically, I need the ones on the following list. (And yes, I know that many of those on this list are already on Charley; it’s just that I haven’t seen the Minnesota state posters for them, and I want to make sure I don’t miss anything.)

  • Noel Dalluge
  • Theodore Dengerud
  • Kevin Ellsworth
  • Donna Ingersoll
  • John Jacobson
  • Sandra Jacobson
  • Kyle David Jansen
  • Christopher Kerze
  • Daniel Klein
  • David Klein
  • Kenneth Klein
  • Kenneth Scott Kleppen
  • Janet Kramer
  • Hang Lee
  • Daniel Patrick Maleska
  • Victoria Owczynsky
  • Barbara Paciotti
  • April Pease
  • Eric Peterson
  • Sharice Pollard
  • James Tennison
  • William Underhill