A semi-tangent: Boys Town

As I’ve mentioned before, I am on an NCMEC mailing list where they email me every time they issue a new poster or take an existing poster down. (Though that list isn’t perfect; a lot of notices don’t seem to reach me.) I was going through the 25 or so NCMEC emails today when I noticed Boys Town, Nebraska yet again.

Given that Boys Town has a population of 745, people seem to go missing from there an awful lot. In fact, if you search for “Boys Town” on the “missing from” line on the NCMEC’s search page, as of this writing, FOUR kids are missing from there. One Hispanic boy, one Native American boy and two black girls. One has been missing since last October, almost a year.

I can only conclude that they were residents of Boys Town, the residential treatment center for troubled youth whom the actual village of Boys Town was named after. It’s kind of a famous place and I think they made a movie about it or something. According to its history, It was founded in the nineteen-teens by a priest named Father Flanaghan who got the idea that if he removed people from the blighted inner cities to a remote country location, they might do better in life. Those were super-racist, xenophobic times, but Father Flanaghan welcomed all boys regardless of race or religion.

Boys Town now accepts girls as well, obviously. In fact, I thought they had changed their name to “Boys and Girls Town” but maybe I was wrong or maybe they changed it back or something. I know Daisy Coleman, of “Maryville Rape Case” fame, spent 90 days at the facility while trying to recover from the gang rape and ensuing fallout. (By the way, for those who are interested, I found an article from a few months ago about Daisy and she’s doing much better now. She’s in college studying art and plans to become a tattoo artist; she’s already landed herself an apprenticeship.)

And unlike the other children’s homes I’ve written about, I haven’t heard anything horrible about Boys Town.

I just hope those four missing kids turn up soon. I bet they will; of all the Boys Town disappearances I’ve seen per the NCMEC, none of them have ever stayed missing long enough to get posted on the Charley Project.

One thought on “A semi-tangent: Boys Town

  1. forthelost September 16, 2016 / 8:27 pm

    My maternal grandfather actually spent time there; his mother was an alcoholic and wasn’t able to care for him. (He died before I was born, so I never had a chance to ask him about it, but other family members told me.)

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