Behind the scenes

What it looks like I did today:

  1. Updated ten already-existing casefiles; most of them minor bits off of NamUs.

What else I did today:

  1. Ran dozens of MPs’ names through various databases and Google to see whether they’re still missing or not.
  2. Purged 27 casefiles.
  3. Made minor edits to a lot of existing casefiles, like correcting typos and such.
  4. Made some edits to a dozen or so MP pictures in existing cases to make them look better (at least better to me). I do things like change the saturation so the skin doesn’t look orange or whatever.
  5. Added a few tiny (hidden) updates to a couple of casefiles.
  6. Bookmarked around 30ish cases I need to add to Charley.
  7. Bought a couple of archived newspaper articles to get information to add to cases
  8. Sent a few Charley-related emails and replied to some. (Though NOT all the emails by any means. I suck at correspondence, really.)
  9. Sent messages via Charley’s Facebook page.
  10. Read new comments on Charley’s Facebook page and “liked” most of them.
  11. Replied to some comments on my blog and some on Charley’s Facebook page.
  12. Finished an in-progress Make-a-List Monday.
  13. Wrote an entire, new verrry long Make-a-List Monday.
  14. Checked the news for new, relevant missing persons articles and read them all.
  15. Added the aforementioned missing persons articles to the Facebook page and bookmarked the articles I will need for future updates.

I’m hoping to put up new cases tomorrow. I’ve promised to add some specific ones and haven’t yet.

Also, I want y’all to understand I am not bragging, nor am I complaining. It’s just that someone recently commented saying they liked knowing a bit of what goes on behind the scenes. Well, this is what goes on.

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