Thinking aloud with yesterday’s updates

  • Robert Edward Lee Jr.: Well, if there ever was much in the way of info about his disappearance online — and I kind of doubt it, the media usually doesn’t cover missing black men — it may well have gotten lost in all the material about a certain other Robert Edward Lee.
  • Consuela Sheena Marie Malone: *checks NCMEC for young black boys who disappeared from Virginia in January 2015* Nobody. *checks NamUs for the same* Nobody there either. Gosh darn it. It makes no sense to me that they would list the mother as missing but not the children.
  • Leyla Mastova McCullagh: The press release the cops put out about her disappearance is pretty confusing. Leyla Mastova McCullagh, 36, was last seen with a family member at her home on Evergreen Mills Road, according to reports. At the time she appeared to be suffering from an unknown medical condition. What on earth does that second sentence even mean?
  • Harold Eugene Molohon: Another case with details that puzzle me. Molohon’s surfboard was found in the back of his truck, and several articles described him as a “surfing enthusiast.” But in an interview with the media, his wife said he had not used “the surfboard” in years. Given the wording, I’m not sure whether she meant he hadn’t surfed at all in years, or whether she meant he hadn’t surfed using that particular board in years. If he was a surfing enthusiast, perhaps he had several. (Those things are not cheap.) Other details don’t make sense to me: if Molohon had a doctor’s appointment on the day of his disappearance, why would he decide to go surfing at a beach that was a two-hour drive from home? Did he regularly surf at that beach? Wasn’t there anyplace closer? Norfolk itself is on the coast. And if Molohon drowned, as his wife believes he did, why would his surfboard be in the back of the truck?
  • Amara Fayiah Nyorkor: *Googles his companion’s name* I found records for a woman by that name from Charlottesville, and it says she’s in her fifties. Old enough to be Nyorkor’s mother. Perhaps she is his mother. In any case, I have no other info on her, and I’m not sure if she is a missing person, or if she was missing and got found, or if she was never considered missing, or what. Shrug. I also tried to figure out Nyorkor’s ethnic origin and I think it’s Liberian, judging by the other people I found with that surname.
  • John Dunwell Samen: Samen’s father died in 2014; his obituary is like “by the way, his son is missing; here’s some photos of him and here’s what he was last seen wearing.” I haz a sads, reading that. I do wish I knew exactly which institution Samen was living in when he disappeared; that might provide an indication as to what his medical issues were. There are several residential facilities for adults in that community, most of which are listed as nursing homes. Nursing homes are generally seen as places for elderly people, but many disabled younger adults live in them also. Furthermore, just because an institution is listed on online directories as a nursing home doesn’t mean it IS a nursing home. In July 2009, I spent five days in a residential facility for mentally ill adults; that facility is listed in several nursing home directories and it isn’t one.
  • Waverly Grayson Sharpe: On NewsLibrary I found a 1989 article about a man who was killed in a car accident, and it was mentioned that one of his surviving family members was a brother, “Waverly Sharpe of Goochland, VA.” But the dead man was 61 years old, so I’m thinking probably the person listed in the obit was my Waverly’s father. And I could find nothing at all about Waverly Jr. or his disappearance. Sigh.

One thought on “Thinking aloud with yesterday’s updates

  1. Marshall Loveday September 5, 2016 / 1:49 pm

    RE: Harold Eugene Molohon….. I’ve never been a surfer, but growing up in So Cal in the early 60’s I picked up a few things about them. Molohon may have indeed had more than one surfboard. Sometimes, you needed different boards for different wave conditions. I’ve also heard of surfers ‘fitting in’ a surfing period any time they had a spare couple of hours. They also will travel a bit to find the best waves.

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