A couple of little things

  • I finally learned which twin was which in that baby photo of Inisha and Ivon Fowler.
  • Frank Estes Powell III has a new photo and an updated name (that is, the III part).
  • Donna Gail Manson has a new photo and a slightly updated clothing description, taken from an MP notice someone found and posted on the Remembering the Victims of Ted Bundy Facebook page. The new details in the clothing description are so insignificant that I’m not going to put her on the updates page.
  • I got another photo of Georgeann Hawkins from the aforementioned Facebook page too.
  • Per CDOJ, Patricia Schneider may use the last name Underhill.

One thought on “A couple of little things

  1. Dorothy Rowland/Danner July 27, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    Frank Estes Powell III is my brother. A few of the details on his case are wrong. I have stated this before to the police department but they don’t listen to me. They believe what my mother told them is correct. My brother and I had a falling out with our mother so he didn’t speak to her often. She even gave the wrong information about his tattoos. The date she last spoke with him is incorrect as well. 2004 is the last any of the family heard from him. Not that me telling you this is going to do any good when it didn’t change the opinion of the detectives, but at least I’m saying it. It took years to get my mother to even file that he was missing. She didn’t want to believe it. I guess it was easier for her to believe he just wasn’t calling her. This loss is heavy on our hearts. My brother has a daughter who has no memory of him. His face and voice fades from our memory with every day that passes. I miss him so much. My big brother/protector. Thank you for you time and ear.

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