Well, so much for that

I worked hard trying to put an update together for today because I said I “probably” would update today and now it’s almost ten p.m. and I’m ready and THIS happens.



I’ll keep trying for another hour or so but I have a feeling it’s not going to happen tonight. Everything’s fine with my connection and the website’s viewable; I have no idea what’s gotten into the FTP.

[EDIT: Actually, maybe Charley isn’t viewable after all. Suddenly it’s not loading for me. FTP program, I apologize for blaming you.]

[SECOND EDIT: Woo! False alarm! Michael came home and just after his arrival I thought I’d give it another go and if it kept saying “timed out” I’d just give up. It worked! Yay! Update is updated!]

Flashback Friday: Ted Wall and Jeff Mays

This week’s Flashback Friday case(s) are Ted Haywood Wall and Harold Jeffrey “Jeff” Mays, two commercial fishermen who disappeared (together with their supposedly unsinkable boat) at Cape Hatteras off the coast of North Carolina. It was November 13, 1980; they were 22 and 21 respectively.

There’s a possible drug connection here, at least according to Jeff’s family and his best friend. Jeff’s mother wrote a book about called Outer Banks Piracy: Where is My Son Jeffrey?

This is horrifying

This isn’t a missing persons story. But it’s certainly relevant to this blog — sexual assault is a huge factor in missing persons and in my life. And it’s a story EVERYONE should know. I know it’s a very long article, but I’m begging you: if you read nothing else I link to today, please read this story.

I’d love me some discussion about it today in the comments of this entry, if you have anything to say.

Updated APs

Got a string of updated age-progressions:

  1. Cherie Nicole Barnes
  2. Susan Robin Bender
  3. Ivonne Biviano
  4. Daniel Bradley Carver
  5. Tiahease Tiawanna Jackson
  6. Jennifer Rae Perry
  7. Samuel Clay Robinson

Emmanuel Birts has a new AP, which I’m going to post next update. (That should be today.) I think it’s awesome they’ve finally made an AP for him, because he’s probably still alive and no one’s going to be able to find him based off a baby photo of such poor quality. Emmanuel would be 27 years old today.