Make-a-List Monday: Brain damage

Last week I did a list of MPs who suffered from seizures. Here’s a list of MPs who were suffering from brain damage for whatever reason — whether a genetic condition, a stroke, cancer or some other disease, a traumatic brain injury, etc. I’m probably missing some, perhaps quite a few, of these.

It’s hard for me to define brain damage for the purposes of this list. Like, one guy a cyst in his brain that was causing some cognitive impairment — but was he actually brain damaged? I left him off the list.

I did leave on a guy who had brain cancer; his tumor that actually encircled his brain, and he had exposed bone on his head, and often became confused. Brain tumors, it appears, doesn’t necessarily cause brain damage — another woman with a brain tumor was said to be functioning completely normally both physically and mentally in spite of it.

It’s all a judgment call. I didn’t automatically add someone to the list if they had seizures or a brain tumor or a brain operation. I did add a guy who had a bullet in his brain, though I don’t know how he was affected by it, since it’s kind of hard to imagine how a person could NOT be brain damaged if they get shot in the head. So I added him.

  1. Rosemary Cosgrove
  2. Victoria Anne Cotton
  3. Ronald Allen Douglass
  4. Selena Marie Edon
  5. Billie Jean Hall
  6. Lauren Maria Pico Jackson
  7. Leland Alton Jones
  8. Brandy Lynn Myers
  9. Timothy Scott Parry
  10. Charles Edward Stanley

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