Gah, once again, I hate it when this happens

Tonight I noticed that Paul Smith has a NamUs profile as well as a poster with the Missouri Highway Patrol. (Not all MHP cases have posters.) So I started to add the additional info and found a conundrum: Paul’s MHP poster says he is 5’6, and NamUs says he is 6’1!


I’m inclined to believe NamUs’s height, because both sources have him weighing at least 220 pounds, and someone who’s that weight and only 5’6 would be quite overweight, and he doesn’t look overweight in the picture. But I’m not sure.

Groan. Muttergrumble.

Make-a-List Monday: Pregnant runaways, or ones who took their kids with them

This is a list of teens who are classified as runaways, and who were either pregnant or possibly pregnant at the time they disappeared, or they already had a kid whom they took with them. I don’t count teen runaways who left their children behind.

  1. Janteyl Danielle Johnson
  2. Jessica Ann Kinsey (maybe)
  3. Sara Savannah Miller
  4. Mariela Roblero Bravo and her one-month-old son, Wisley Tojil
  5. Astrid Piola Rodriguez and her two-month-old son, Dylammsteven Miralda-Rodriguez
  6. Shayna Mariah Saine-Garcia
  7. Alicia Marie Scott
  8. Cindy D. Valle
  9. Elsa Janell “Lilly” Wind