Flashback Friday: Donald Adams

My last two FF cases had a paucity of information. (Though that’s no longer the case with Mirko Yug; I’m going to update his casefile with the stuff my informants discovered.) Well, the October 16, 1976 disappearance of Donald Adams has even less than Mirko Yug and Deborah McCall.

I don’t even have any description of Donald Adams, other than that he’s Native American. I don’t have an age or his height and weight, and absolutely no details about his disappearance, and the only photograph is of poor quality. I don’t even have enough information to know where to look for more details. The fact that his name is Donald Adams doesn’t help; there are probably hundreds of them in this country.

The only thing that stands out is this: “Approximately 20 members of Alaska’s Native American community have vanished or died under questionable circumstances in the Nome area since the 1960s. Authorites opened a probe into their deaths and disappearances, but they do not believe a serial predator was involved.”

That very same paragraph appears in four other Charley Project cases: Nathan AnungazukLancelot Immergan, Justina Kunayak, and Eric M. Apatiki. I don’t have very much on any of these five disappearances, but Donald has the least information of them all.

One thought on “Flashback Friday: Donald Adams

  1. Brian Lockett July 16, 2016 / 12:03 am

    This is about one of today’s updates, but not Donald Adams…

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting together a profile for Crystal Ballard/Rogers. It’s so weird seeing somebody I’ve actually met before on this website. I didn’t really KNOW her know her, but she was a couple grades behind me and I’d see her around my high school and had some mutual friends.

    The Bardstown and/or Nelson County government (especially the cops) in my county are kind of in “super-ass-shady” mode of late.
    A local officer (Jason Ellis) was murdered a few years ago in what was likely an insider/coworker crime. But that’s way too complicated to describe here…
    Then a Bardstown school-teacher and her daughter were murdered, apparently with no worthy clues to be found.
    Then a cop’s girlfriend (Crystal) mysteriously disappears.

    I don’t think Officer Ellis’ murder and Crystal’s disappearance or the double murder are necessarily connected, but I strongly suspect that someone involved with local law enforcement is either responsible or at the very least knows what happened and ain’t talking. But that’s what can happen in close knit southern towns, for better or worse.

    BTW, Singleton (just today) pleaded guilty to 38 counts of “lying under oath,” but it’s unclear if that will really make a difference in finding out what really happened to her.

    Again, thanks so much for bringing details her disappearance to a national audience.

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