Going to Minneapolis tomorrow

Yeah, so I’m going to Minneapolis tomorrow with my mom and her boyfriend. Google Maps says it’s a nine-and-a-half hour drive, but I think it will probably take longer than that because Mom wants to avoid Chicago. We might stay the night somewhere along the way. I have volunteered to share the driving but I’m not sure Mom will allow that. It’s her car and I’m a terrible driver, frankly.

I will get to see my friend John and meet his new wife as well. I’m really looking forward to that and I’m glad John and his wife could carve a hole in their very busy schedules. I’m honestly not sure of the date I’ll be returning. I think it’s like the 8th or so.

I’ve been to Minneapolis before, ten years ago, but I was only there to meet a friend. I stayed one day and visited the Mall of America and met my friend and then flew home immediately afterwards. I have checked Atlas Obscura for some cool and unusual places to visit while I’m there. (They actually have a “vegan butcher’s shop.” Oh-kay… I think I’ll skip that.) The Bell Museum of Natural History looks good, as does the Ax-man Surplus Store and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. I’m open to suggestions.

For that matter, if anyone from the area reads this blog and wants to meet me while I’m there, I’m open to that too. Email me at administrator@charleyproject.org if you’re up for that.

I won’t be able to update Charley while I’m there, though I should be able to be on Facebook and this blog. So updates will resume when I return.

MP of the week: Jason Wilson

This week’s featured missing person is Jason Baker Wilson, a young man who’s been missing nine and a half years now. He disappeared mysteriously from Nashville, Tennessee, the city he’d lived in his whole life, at the age of 29. He was scheduled to appear in court the following month — as a witness or a defendant or what, I don’t know — but missed it. I don’t know if they issued a warrant for him at this time, but in any case the cops don’t believe Jason is running from the law. Rather, they think he was the victim of a homicide.

Jason has some pretty distinctive scars and tattoos. I haven’t been able to find any news on his case, which isn’t surprising, since missing black men never get much press attention. If he is still alive, he would be 38 today.