Bertha Sieg found deceased

I got a notice from the NCMEC saying Bertha Sieg has been found dead. She’s been removed from NamUs as well, or at least, I can’t access her profile there. Bertha was a fifteen-year-old girl who disappeared from a city in northern Texas 22 years ago. One of those “few details are available” cases.

I checked and I can’t find anything about this online. I am hoping to get some information before I put a notice up in the resolved page.

R.I.P. Bertha.

Once again, I hate it when this happens

I got an email from Justin saying NamUs had some additional info on a case I had already posted. The MP had been arrested on a minor charge five years before he went missing, and NamUs had posted a document with his fingerprints and some info I didn’t have, such as his place of birth and middle name.

I also noted that the fingerprint sheet said the MP was 5’7 and 177 pounds. NamUs has him listed as somewhere between 6’0 and 6’3, and 200 to 210 pounds. And he was middle-aged, making it highly unlikely that he managed to grow at least five inches in the years between his arrest and his disappearance. (He might easily have gained thirty pounds, though.)

I have no idea how tall this guy is now. I’m inclined to think the info on his fingerprint sheet is more likely to be correct, because when they arrest you, don’t they stand you in front of a height chart to take your mug shot? But I don’t know, and as it stands, unless you find that fingerprint sheet, you’re going to be trying to match this guy to a bunch of much taller John Does.

I’m not blaming NamUs here — he was in the CDOJ database too and it seems the height was off there as well — I’m just expressing my frustration about having to work with heights and weights that might have been wild guesses.