Some more little updates

Yesterday I had some time to kill after finishing the daily grind of updates, so I thought I’d go to and have a look at the Palm Beach Post‘s 1980s-era missing child pages. They would feature like six or maybe nine cases at a time of missing kids who had either disappeared from Florida or were thought to be in Florida. Most of these were runaways or family abductions.

I knew it was a long shot but I thought I’d run the listed runaways through the FDLE missing persons database to see if any of them were still missing. The FDLE database doesn’t usually have photos, but the Palm Beach Post pages did. And sometimes when looking for someone else I’ll find someone on the FDLE database who vanished as a teenager like, thirty years ago, and I’d like to run them but I don’t have a photo. So I put two and two together.

I didn’t find any new cases I could post; all those Palm Beach Post runaways seem to have been found. I wasn’t surprised. But I did find some photos (either better quality versions of ones I already had, or in one case a whole new photo) of existing Charley Project cases, though, plus a few small details for existing cases. Anyway, here’s three little won’t-make-today’s-updates-page things:

  1. Marla Mullins now has a photo of the prime suspect in her case. I’m not sure what year it was taken but it looks recent. I must say he looks pretty menacing, about what you’d expect a murderer to look like. I wish I also had a photo from the time she disappeared. No other details were added, so I decided it didn’t merit a slot on the updates page.
  2. Bianca Noel Piper has an updated AP, replacing the two APs she had from 2009.
  3. Kimberly Ann Yates has a new photo, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post. It’s not of the best quality, but she had only one photo to start with so I’ll take what I can get.

I’m going to put Kellie Brownlee on the updates page for today because the Palm Beach Post told me what sort of purse she was carrying. Question: in y’all’s opinion, is this significant enough to warrant the updates page, or should I add purses, backpacks, etc., to the category of “just mention it on the blog”?