Another “I hate it when this happens” entry

Still writing updates for tomorrow and now I have a conundrum.

NamUs says Brian Shookman has “Beaver” tattooed on his left arm. They also say Shookman’s nickname is Beaver. At first, because of the nickname, I assumed Shookman had the WORD “Beaver” as his tattoo. But the Shoshone News-Press says he “had a beaver tattoo on his left arm.” So now I’m not sure.

One of the NamUs pictures shows Brian without a shirt on, and you can see the tattoo in question, but the angle is wrong and the tattoo is so small and blurry that I can’t tell if it’s letters or the animal.

Now I’m really not sure what to do here. This could really go either way.


I’m writing up cases for tomorrow and I am going to post a new MWAB case out of Idaho. Although the cops didn’t find the body (of course not; if they had I wouldn’t be posting him), there were multiple witnesses to the shooting and they found unspecified evidence at the suspect’s house that indicated someone had been seriously injured. So the case looks pretty solid.

The witnesses stated that my MP and his alleged killer got into an argument over a BANDANA. That is to say, a square of cloth, usually patterned, that you tie around your head. They cost as little as 99 cents at Wal-Mart, or $11 for a pack of twelve. And this argument lead to the fatal shooting.

I really, really hope that’s not the whole story. I hope they were both really drunk or they had already hated each other or something.

What a stupid reason to take a life.

Charley is global on Facebook

The Charley Project’s Facebook page now has 6,698 “likes” as of this writing. I post whatever news I can find on MP cold cases there, including cases my actual database doesn’t have, and cases from outside the US. In fact many days I post more foreign news than American news.

I decided to check out the people that have “liked” me and record where they’re from, if I can find out. And here are the countries I found until the list got too long and Facebook basically didn’t want to deal with it anymore and stopped loading:

Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Estonia, France, Germany, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, all fifty states in the United States plus Washington D.C., and Zimbabwe.

I am ludicrously proud of this. So many countries from all over the world, including many where English is not commonly spoken or the population is small (Grenada for example has only 100,000 people and change). So I thought I’d brag about it on here.