Got a new book

I got word from the library today that my inter-library loan book had arrived. I couldn’t even remember ordering an ILL recently, but I went by to pick it up. It’s called Smith County Justice by David Ellsworth.

Flipping through it, I was pretty mystified as to why I’d ordered it in the first place. It’s about various crimes in Smith County and I gather it’s mostly drug-related stuff. Not the sort of thing I’d be interested in.

But then I saw the photo section and a familiar name under a photo I’d never seen before: “Kallan Monigold in happier days in Smith County.” They also had a photo of Monigold’s girlfriend, and said in the caption that a guy was jealous of her and wound up shooting her to death, and he’s also the prime suspect in Monigold’s disappearance.

Definitely gotta start reading the book then, and mining it for whatever I can get. At present, Barre Kallan Monigold is one of my “few details are available” cases. For now I took a picture of his photo with my cell phone, emailed it to myself, cropped it and added it to his Charley Project casefile.

2 thoughts on “Got a new book

    • Meaghan June 16, 2016 / 5:48 am

      Ah, okay. That makes sense.

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