Flashback Friday: Jimmy Edwards

This week’s Flashback Friday is Jimmy Wayne Edwards. Like last week’s case, Jimmy associated with a motorcycle gang. In this case, Jimmy was a member of the Outlaws and had had a quarrel with some other other members, and he was supposedly robbed and beaten. He disappeared the day after he told his wife he was going to get back the money that had been stolen from him.

It’s pretty obvious what happened here, I should think. The question is who, and are they still alive (Jimmy disappeared in 1978) and can the cops prove it.

Two other cases on Charley of people who associated with the Outlaws: Amy Billig, missing from Florida since 1974 and Sharon Rayanne Turner, missing from Indiana since 1997. And there’s this guy who was wearing an “Outlaws shirt” at the time of his disappearance, but I’m not sure if he actually associated with the Outlaws or not. He did ride a motorcycle, but loads of people do and very few have gang associations, and there’s also at least one band called the Outlaws.