Select It Sunday: Thoeun Peng

Selected by Kris:¬†Thoeun Peng, missing from Fresno, California since February 22, 1997. Thoeun was planning to drive to Lowell, Massachusetts — a 45-hour drive across 1-40 (or 46 hours via another route, without tolls), a distance of around 3,100 miles and change. I wonder why he was going there, and why, given the distance, was he not flying instead. In any case, he didn’t get very far: his car turned up in Auberry, merely 43 minutes from Fresno.

That’s all the information I have, unfortunately. Thoeun’s case has been added to NamUs, but without any additional info. It isn’t in the CDOJ database; it’s was only on the Fresno Police Department website.

Kris noted Thoeun’s name suggests a probable Cambodian¬†ethnic origin for him. Another commenter noted that Fresno has a large Cambodian population.

I wish I had more on this case. He was 23 years old and in twelve days, if he’s still alive, he will turn 43.