Ah…why not? Here goes

In March 2011, a certain person published a long entry about me on her blog. It was basically one huge long character assassination, filled with cherry-picked quotes taken out of context from my own blog, exaggerations, distortions and occasional outright lies. I didn’t even read the entry for months, not wanting to subject myself to what I knew was going to be an unpleasant experience, but my friends let me know the gist of what was said.

I do not want to say her name on this blog. Chances are many of you already know who she is anyway. This blogger’s post does, unfortunately, show up on the first page of the Google search results every time someone searches for “Charley Project.”

Since then the blogger has written a few other posts about me. Eventually I did read that first, long one and I might have read one or two of her subsequent posts about me, I’m not sure. I have better things to do with my time.

This woman also sometimes makes appearances in the comments section of news articles about the Charley Project. She says some things about my website that are awful and completely untrue. Not opinion-type stuff, not things that are open to interpretation, but things which are 100% either a fact or not a fact. She just makes stuff up.

This person’s intention is, I believe, to undermine my credibility and, therefore, the Charley Project’s credibility. I don’t believe she’s been able to make a serious dent in my reputation, though. It’s pretty obvious to unbiased people that this person has a personal vendetta against me and is not trying to act in the public interest as she claims.

A few years after she wrote that first blog entry about me, one summer night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to write a response to that first blog entry she wrote. I never published this response but I did show it to various friends of mine, privately. I had a lot of fun writing it, actually. It’s over 20 pages long, but a lot of that is quotes from her. Starting at the top, I pulled a quote from the entry and then responded to it, then moved on down the page, found another quote, responded to that one, and so on.

I know that this woman occasionally goes back and makes changes to that original entry (for example, in her initial posting I think she said I lived in Texas, a state which I have never even visited, but that claim later got removed). But I haven’t re-read the entry since I wrote my response to it in the summer of 2014, and so my response is probably a little out of date now. But I have no reason to think the blogger has made significant changes in what she has said about me.

Tonight I got a whim: why not publish that response I wrote? So I did, in PDF form.

Read and enjoy.