Me, I don’t know anything about the art of selling things. I have no idea whether “never take no for an answer” is standard part of a salesperson’s repertoire or not.

My website gets more and more visitors as time goes on. Last June the average number of visits was 8,000 and change. This month so far, it’s almost 12,000, with only day this month where fewer than 10,000 people visited.

With the increased traffic come increased solicitations from people who want to sell ads on my site. I’m getting several requests a week now. For the most part, I ignore them, and sometimes the person gets the hint and goes away. If that doesn’t work, I reply with a simple, “No, I’m not interested.”

Last November there was one woman who Would. Not. Stop. sending me emails about advertising on Charley. I ignored her at first. Then I told her no, I wasn’t interested. Then she was like, “Could you at least talk about it with me, and I can show you all the great things that could happen.” No, I said, I wasn’t interested. She asked why. I replied, “Personal reasons.” She still didn’t give up. Long story short, just to make her go away I wound up having to TELL HER what those personal reasons were. They’re personal enough that I am never going to blog about them, and I feel uncomfortable discussing them with people I don’t know well. But I told her, and was like, “There. Those are my personal reasons. Happy now?” And then she finally, finally stopped writing me.

Of course I do mention in my FAQ that I do not want to sell ad space, but no one ever seems to read that thing. I ought to do an experiment and take the FAQ page down and see long it takes before anyone realizes the link is broken.

I suppose this sort of complaint must be frustrating to people who have websites and DO want to sell ads on them. It’s kind of First World Problem-ish — “Gawd, I get so much traffic that I have to beat off ad companies with a stick!” I can’t help you there, but I’d love it if I could send those ad people your way and away from me.

Make-a-List Monday: Health care workers

This is a list of missing doctors, nurses, etc.; anyone who worked in the health field. Those people are heroes and often unappreciated.

I’m including only people who were working in the field when they disappeared, not students, retired people, or people who used to work in health care but had switched to some other career. Also, I’m not going to automatically list someone just because it says they worked at a hospital or nursing home; they could have been a cook or a clerk or had some other non-health job. I will only list cases where I know they had a specific health care job. The list, as you can see, is quite long enough as it is.


  1. Charles Lorainne Hollingsworth
  2. Margaret Mary Kilcoyne
  3. Cherryl Lamont Pearson
  4. Sneha Ann Philip
  5. Xu Wang


  1. Sandra Lorraine Andrews
  2. Barbara Elizabeth Cantu
  3. Susan Carol Cassell
  4. Catherine Chiang
  5. Libby Ann Dibenedetto
  6. Nonnie Ann Dotson
  7. Francine Frost
  8. Rupinder Kaur Goraya
  9. Michelle Louise Harley
  10. Audrey May Herron
  11. Donna Ann Lass
  12. Patricia Patterson Leventhal
  13. Nita Mary Mayo
  14. Melinda Wall McGhee
  15. Randi Jane Mebruer
  16. Mary Katherine Miller
  17. Karen Elizabeth Moore
  18. Thomas Anthony Nuzzi
  19. Renee M. Pernice
  20. Kathryn Marie Rahe
  21. Beverly Redmond
  22. Sandra Kay Randall Ross
  23. Kristina Marie Tournai Sandoval
  24. Jan Scharf
  25. Toni Lee Sharpless
  26. Brenda Starr Snouffer
  27. Herlinda Ann Soto
  28. Joan Marie Tetter
  29. Mary Louise Watkins
  30. Tamala Niecole Wells

Nurse’s aides/assistants:

  1. Judith Ann Ehmeke
  2. Adrianne Gilliam
  3. Laura E. Mason
  4. Hartanto Teguh Santoso
  5. Sandra L. Spoon
  6. Karen Denise Steed
  7. Micki Jo West
  8. Loida Gabon Wideman
  9. Bonnie Woodward


  1. Joseph Michael Bushling
  2. David Eugene Lewis


  1. Richard Kirk Meyers

Dental hygienists:

  1. Kelley Louise Howard

Dental technicians:

  1. Diane Marie Kennedy

Medical technicians:

  1. Carolyn Ruth Killaby

X-ray technicians:

  1. Kathleen Ann Mohn


  1. Johnny Lee Baker
  2. Delmar Wayne Sample

Pharmacy technicians:

  1. Claranett Cooley
  2. Julie Ann Gonzalez