Select It Sunday: Earnest Francis

Chosen by Sarah, this Select It Sunday case is Earnest Edward Francis, a West Virginia construction worker who disappeared from Sistersville on May 4, 2011. He was 32 at the time, and studying criminal justice at Colorado Tech University (online, I presume). After his disappearance they found the car he was driving parked at a dam with all his stuff inside.

For unclear reasons, Earnest’s family thinks he was diabetic or pre-diabetic. This could be significant: not only can diabetes be fatal if not treated, but problems with blood sugar can lead to people become confused and wandering off. I’m not diabetic but I do occasionally have problems with hypoglycemia (caused in part by genetics and in part by my crappy diet). There was one incident where I realized I was having an episode and needed to eat ASAP, and tried to heat up some food in the microwave, but I completely forgot how to make the microwave work and the buttons made no sense to me at all.

It’s possible an episode like that could explain Earnest’s disappearance, but it wouldn’t really explain how he’s stayed missing this long. There hasn’t been a lot of press on this case. When it comes to missing persons, especially adult ones, males tend to get far less coverage than females.

His family has a Facebook page for him.