Whoops… Flashback SATURDAY: Mary Jean McLaughlin

I had set this to go up automatically on Friday and apparently I put the date in wrong or something. Didn’t realize it till now. Sorry. Flashback Saturday then.

This week’s case is Mary Jean McLaughlin, a young mother of five who disappeared from Odessa, Michigan sometime in 1965. As there’s been no paper trail, the police think she may have died long ago, and she might have met with foul play. Her husband, according to their son, was violent. I Googled the man’s name and found what appears to be his obituary. He died in 2013.

Here’s to hoping Mary Jean didn’t die and that she just left her violent husband and started a new life elsewhere. This is by no means impossible, as was highlighted quite recently in another case.

If by chance Mary Jean is still alive, she could be 78 years old next month.