I am officially a doofus

Michael came home and I told him about my malfunctioning monitor. He went to my desk, had a look, and pressed a button on the underside right corner. Poof! I could see the desktop again. It would seem that all this time my monitor was “not working”, it was merely turned off.

I admit I hadn’t checked that, simply because it didn’t occur to me that simply clicking on a YouTube video would somehow make a monitor turn itself off. How that happened is a mystery to me.

But my computer is working again, and I feel like an idiot.

Gosh darn it

Last year Michael got me a separate computer monitor for Orville, so I can look at my browser on one screen and my Charley Project cases I’m working on in the other and not have to switch back and forth all the time. It’s handy.

Well, I clicked on a video in my browser a few minutes ago and the screen went entirely blank. I tried restarting the computer and that screen is still blank. The left screen shows up fine; the right doesn’t work. Frankly I don’t know squat about computers and I’m out of ideas.

I can still browse on my phone and tablet (and am using the tablet to write this), but I think I will have to wait till Michael comes home to fix whatever the problem is.


A Facebook messaging convo

A few days ago I got a message from a stranger via the Charley Project’s Facebook page. It was a link to a Facebook page set up to publicize a certain missing person. He asked me to post it on Charley’s Facebook timeline.

The thing is, I had already become aware of that particular page and had posted it about a week or two before. I did not post it again, and because I am terrible at correspondence, I did not write to the person explaining that I had already posted it.

Last night I got another message from him. He was seriously PO’ed. He chastised me for not either posting the link or replying to his previous message and said, “I guess only certain missing people matter to you.” This was, I believe, a reference to this particular MP’s troubled past. She was involved with prostitution and hard drugs, and her kids were in foster care, and when she disappeared her family didn’t report it for months because she’d dropped out of sight so many times before.

What a jerk, I thought, and replied to his message explaining I had already posted the link and giving him the date I had posted it.

He immediately replied with a sincere apology for being a jackass. (It was partially my fault too; I should’ve told him I’d already posted the link.) It turns out this man was actually the cop assigned to investigate this woman’s disappearance. He’s been working her case for about a year and is using all avenues to try to find her, and had set up the Facebook page himself, and even got the local newspaper to run a feature article on her case.

My annoyance was immediately replaced with a certain mushy feeling.

I know a lot of people who disappear have problems in their lives, and I’ve seen a lot of times where families complain that because of said problems, the cops are prejudiced against the MP and aren’t doing anything to find them. But this particular officer is doing everything he could think of to find this woman, really going above and beyond the call of duty to be honest. He didn’t HAVE to set up a Facebook page. He didn’t HAVE to ask the press to publicize the case. But he’s trying to give her what she deserves, what every MP deserves, no matter what they’ve done or what sort of person they were.