Attention everyone, a public service announcement

I got an email from someone who I think may have been a former classmate of Rebecca Rodriguez, who disappeared in 1977 with her older sister, Evangeline Silva, and her sister’s boyfriend, Kenneth Beltram. (I don’t have pics of them so no casefiles for those two.) I don’t know who the person is because they didn’t identify themselves andĀ sent the email from their phone; I just have the phone number.

Anyway, the person said the only photo that I (and NamUs) have for Rebecca is wrong. It’s a school yearbook photo and there were two girls named Rebecca Rodriguez in that class. The person sent me a scan of the yearbook page with the two Rebeccas side by side. I’ve changed my Rebecca’s photo accordingly. I thought I should let people know this.

Make-a-List Monday: Blasian

This list is of people who are “Blasian” i.e. of mixed blackĀ and Asian descent. (Really hoping Blasian is not an offensive term. Googling it doesn’t seem to indicate this, but if by chance it is, I am totally not meaning to be racist to anyone.) The supermodel Naomi Campbell is an example of a Blasian person; of Jamaican and Chinese descent. This was something I had not known until I Googled “Blasian” to write this blog entry. Now that I think about it she does have some Asian facial features.

There aren’t that many of them in the U.S. According to the 2010 census, California has the most and it recorded only 41,000. So this list is pretty short.

  1. Neal Louis Boware
  2. Wallace Guidroz
  3. Rayna Rew Harris