A slight creepiness

I am writing up a Charley Project case from the early 1980s and discovered the MP was a children’s book author whose books sold really well. I checked and my local library has 22 of her 25 books, many of them in multiple copies. All nature books, bugs mostly. They have titles like Praying Mantis, the Garden Dinosaur and Fairy Rings and Other Mushrooms. I got a bit of a chill looking at the cute illustrations on the covers and knowing what probably happened to the author.

(Of course, she’d be dead now anyway. She would be 113 years old this month if she were still alive.)

I might do a Make-a-List Monday of MPs who were also authors. I know I have a few others.

MP of the week: Michal Szkodzinski

This week’s featured missing person is Michal Szkodzinski, an 85-year-old who disappeared from Los Angeles on October 15, 1997. I have very little info on this case. Szkodzinski’s family didn’t report him missing; his landlord did, after he fell behind on rent.

I think that’s super sad. This is an old man who’d probably seen and done a lot in his life. He probably had some epic World War II stories or something. But it looks like it wasn’t until the payments stopped that anyone noticed he was missing. It reminds me of those horrible stories you hear once in awhile about people who die alone in their homes and aren’t discovered for years.

Michael Szkodzinski would be over 100 years old now. But my guess is he’s still 85.