Woo, milestone reached!

The Charley Project’s Facebook page reached 6,000 “likes” a few days ago. I add articles about missing person cases every day, including ones about cases not featured on Charley for one reason or another, and all entries I put on this blog are automatically linked on there. The Twitter account is at 967 followers at present. It posts links to two Charley cases every day.

It’s a bit of a challenge to summarize the cases in 140 characters or less and make the summaries interesting. For example, “Patty Spencer and Pam Hobley #disappeared together in 1969, which is kind of weird since they weren’t friends.” And, “Why did Ronald Westover lie to his family & falsely claim he had a recurrence of #LungCancer before he #disappeared?”

Unfortunately, TweetDeck, the program I use to keep Charley’s Twitter account updated, is not going to work for Windows after April 15. I use TweetDeck to schedule tweets in advance of posting, sometimes months in advance. It’s still going to be available to use online using my browser, but it will be less convenient that way. Oh, well.

2 thoughts on “Woo, milestone reached!

  1. Jamie March 31, 2016 / 12:07 am

    Hey Meg,
    Congratulations on both … The FB & tweeter acct. … I friend requested both … I knew one day you would out shine all the rest and deserve to be recognized for your dedication and Hardwork. Hope your feeling better and the headaches have since subsided.

  2. Peter Henderson Jr. March 31, 2016 / 12:13 pm

    Correct according to their high school friend Lori:

    “5 years later, I was approached by Ron C. saying, ‘aren’t you the lucky sole survivor.’ It sent chills down my spine!!!”

    In her post Lori recalled the days leading up to Pam and Patty’s disappearance. A day or two earlier the three girls had been at Pam’s house, “ trying different makeup, etc.” and talking about the upcoming game and party.

    The day that Pam and Patty vanished all three girls were going to skip the last few classes but Lori chickened out.

    “ The only reason I didn’t is because Mrs. Barnes worked in the high school office and I knew as soon as I left, she’d be on the phone calling my mother,” Lori wrote.

    “I asked them to just wait out the school day, but they were anxious to leave.” she said.

    Lori never saw her two friends again.

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