Make-a-List Monday: Hunters

This list is for MPs who disappeared while on hunting trips. If I know the animal they were looking for I’ll include that too.

Around here, I think, people mostly hunt deer. I don’t know much about hunting and I’ve never gone myself, though I think one of my brothers does. I don’t like guns or killing animals.

  1. Joel Allen Amundson
  2. Emerson Edward Carbaugh: Turkeys
  3. Jeromy Ivan Childress: Elk
  4. Robert Lewis Christian
  5. Noel William Dalluge: Grouse
  6. Fred Richard Davis
  7. Ronald Scott Gray: Elk
  8. Charles Duane Gustafson: Elk
  9. Aaron Joseph Hedges: Elk
  10. Oscar Joseph Hintta: Deer
  11. Charles Franklin Huff
  12. Raymond Lee Matlock: Elk
  13. Jerry Lee McKoen
  14. Melvin Nadel
  15. Brian Ognjan and David Tyll
  16. Sinho Steve Seo: Fish
  17. James Anthony Tennison
  18. Allen Theis: Mule deer
  19. Reagan Cordell Uden and Richard Loren Uden: Birds
  20. Jerry Michael Williams: Ducks
  21. Nathaniel Edison Williams
  22. Robert S. Willis IV: Deer
  23. Paul Cecil Worsham