Apologies re: missing Select It Sunday so much lately

I’ve not up any Select It Sunday posts for two. fracking. months.  The last was on January 24. I’m sorry. February, as I have noted, was a wash-out all around and I didn’t get much of anything done. The first week of March I just plain forgot. Then yesterday, I got up really late in the day (after noon), on account of how I’d stayed up all night reading and watching YouTube videos. I spent most of the day writing up Charley Project updates — twenty in all, in case you hadn’t noticed. Twenty is supposed to be the maximum number of updates I allow myself to post in one day. Five is supposed to be the minimum.

Then after that I wanted to go out into the front room and socialize with the gaming group that was out there. (Michael plays RPG once or twice a week with a group of people, some of whom are my friends also.) Once they’d all finally left, Michael and I spent some time together watching a very interesting program about a 747 airplane that almost crashed in 1982 after it flew through an ash cloud caused by a volcanic eruption and all four of its engines got clogged. After the program was over it was quite late in the evening and Michael wanted me to help with work, entering grades into the computer for him. (He teaches math at a local high school.) So I did that, and then suddenly it was after midnight and I was like “Screw it.”

Maybe I need to start writing my Select It Sunday cases weeks in advance like I do with my Make-a-List Mondays, which I hardly ever miss. (Today’s didn’t appear till like 7:00 p.m. This is because I’d accidentally scheduled it for next week instead of this week. But I’ve written two more lists that will appear next Monday and the Monday after that so I’m good for awhile. And because this week’s list was all female, next week’s will be all male.)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on and say I haven’t ended the Select It Sunday feature. I know it’s quite popular with my readers.

Speaking of which, any suggestions for people you guys want featured? Remember, although it’s not a hard and fast rule, I prefer post-1985 cases cause Flashback Friday is 1985 and prior.

Make-a-List Monday: Katherine et al

This list is for women who have the name Katherine, or some variant (spelling variation/ethnic variation/nickname) as their first name. This has been one of the most common names in the Christian world for over a hundred years. I may have missed a few variants but I did as best I could. For brevity’s sake I excluded middle names.

Katherine and its spelling variants:

  1. Kathryn Louise Adam
  2. Katherine O’Neil Anderson
  3. Katharine Jean Bay
  4. Kathrine Marie Bruno
  5. Catherine Chiang
  6. Catherine F. Clampitt
  7. Kathryn Elizabeth Collins
  8. Cathern Davis
  9. Katheryn Scott Eggleston
  10. Kathern G. Fetzer
  11. Catherine Ann Hammel
  12. Katherine Sarah Heck
  13. Katherine Dolan Heckel
  14. Katherine Ann Jones
  15. Katherine Rebecca LaMadrid
  16. Katherine Marie Lowery
  17. Katheryne Mary Lugo
  18. Katherine Mary Lyon
  19. Katherine Ann Major
  20. Catherine Ruth Malcolmson
  21. Catherine E. Nelson
  22. Catherine Parisi
  23. Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips
  24. Kathryn Mae Quackenbush
  25. Kathryn Marie Rahe
  26. Katherine Desiree Rose
  27. Catherine A. Runte
  28. Kathrynn Sholly Seefeldt
  29. Catherine Lynne Sjoberg
  30. Katherine Lynn Stobaugh
  31. Catherine Marie Tornquist
  32. Katherine Anne Truitt
  33. Catherine Ann Wallace
  34. Katherine Cecelia Winslow
  35. Katherine Sybil Worsky

Kathy and its spelling variants:

  1. Kathy Joan Arredondo
  2. Kathy Mae Brownfield Goad
  3. Kathy Sue Haskell
  4. Cathy Ann Hawley
  5. Cathy Marie Moulton
  6. Cathy Hicks Parrott
  7. Cathy Cole Sampson
  8. Cathy Ann Smith
  9. Cathi Jean Warren
  10. Kathy Sue Wilcox

Kathleen and its spelling variants:

  1. Kathleen Durst
  2. Kathleen H. Henson
  3. Cathleen Marie Martin
  4. Kathleen Ann Mohn
  5. Kathleen Hazel Pehringer
  6. Kathleen Helen Randall
  7. Kathleen Ann Shea
  8. Kathleen Marie Wandahsega

Katie (there are no Kates):

  1. Katie Jo Brewer
  2. Katie Michelle Gray
  3. Katie Dell Kemp
  4. Katie Faye Sinclair

Other variants of Katherine:

  1. Katelin Marie Cook
  2. Caitlin A. Kearney
  3. Katharina Lieselotte Kiszonak
  4. Katelyn Selena Rivera-Helton
  5. Ekaterina Shcherbakova