Growl. Muttergrumble.

I’ve been obsessively entering names into today for info on older missing persons cases and gotten some good results. But some things are just not good enough. For example, I found a new photo of Megan Ginevicz, but it is of just such terrible quality that I am not going to use it. Don’t believe me? Check it out. I can tell it’s a different picture from the one I already have only because you can see her hand up in front of her face. There’s no point in posting this thing. I’ll just have to hope I come up with a better version somewhere else in the archives.

[UPDATE: Yay, someone found me a better version!]

Make-a-List Monday: Food cooking

The MPs on this list all left food either left out or actually cooking when they disappeared. An obvious sign that, if they did leave the house of their own accord, they didn’t intend to be gone long.

Two of my favorite foods are spaghetti and macaroni and cheese. On a couple of occasions I’ve put a pot on the stove only to discover I was missing one of the ingredients. It takes about ten minutes to drive one mile to the store, buy whatever it is and get back to the house. I sometimes leave the stove turned on, so by the time I get back the water will have started boiling.

  1. Debra Jean Asbury
  2. Christine Starrine Byrd
  3. Jeffrey Lynn Combs
  4. Albert A. De Mattos and his fiancee Lucy T. Pacheco (no photos available for Albert)
  5. Amy Lynn Fandel and her brother Scott Curtis Fandel
  6. Julie May Hill
  7. Nahida Ahmed Khatib
  8. Krista Robin Lueth
  9. John J. Markley Jr. and his wife Shelly Renee Markley
  10. Robert Stephen Mohney
  11. Ann Mineko Racz
  12. Michael Robert Walczak
  13. John Melvin Wipert