Woo, social media

The Charley Project’s Facebook Page now has 5,840 “likes”; I average about 40 – 50 new ones every week. So it won’t be long till I’ve reached 6,000. The Twitter account — which I have reactivated (I had let it lapse during my recent crisis), which tweets about two Charley Project MPs every day with links to the entries, is now up to 946 “likes”. Woo. Not too long till it reaches 1,000.

You can see the stats for the actual Charley Project itself here. As you can see, it averages about eight to ten thousand unique visitors a day. And WordPress says I have made 2,892 posts since the blog’s inception (in late 2008), and had 20,304 comments. I almost never reject a comment, even if the commenter is criticizing me or generally being a jerk. Exceptions include spam (obviously) and posts with a lot of cuss words. There are a few of my blog posts though, (mainly ones about the rape) that I don’t allow comments on. And I will also delete comments after the fact if the commenter (or the person I’ve written about in that entry) asks me to.

The blog averages about 2,000 unique visitors every day. And you have no idea how much you guys mean to me, and how you’ve helped me get though bad times, such as the recent crisis. It’s so nice to get support and know people are rooting for me, even if they don’t even know me. And I’ve made a few actual friends that started out as them posting comments. I’ve never met any of them in person but we do talk on the phone.

Thank you all.


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