Make-a-List Monday: Angels

People with “Angel” somewhere in their name.

  1. Angela Abbrederis
  2. Angela Elaine Allen
  3. Angela Renae Ambrocio
  4. Ingrid Angela Anderson
  5. Joann Angel
  6. Angela Estella Burns
  7. Angela Lynn Chan
  8. Miguel Angel Cisneros
  9. Angelina J. Cocuzza
  10. Angela Joann DeLawder
  11. Angelina Joy Evans
  12. Angela Lee Freeman
  13. Jose Angel Fuentes Jr.
  14. Angela Marie Fullmer
  15. Mary Angela Gallegos
  16. Angel Gallegos-Guzman
  17. Angel Garcia
  18. Mario Angel Gastellum-Villa
  19. Angelo Nicola Gatti Jr.
  20. Angela Marie Gilbert
  21. Samantha Angel Gonzales
  22. Jose Angel Grimaldo
  23. Angela R. Gross
  24. Angela Gray Hamby
  25. Angela Marie Hammond
  26. Angela Hartmann
  27. Angela Kay Holsinger
  28. Angela Whalen Hudson
  29. Angelique Emily James
  30. Angela Rene Jaramillo
  31. Jose Angel Julian
  32. Angelica Cassandra Livingston
  33. Angelo Leo
  34. Angelica Maria Longoria
  35. Joe Angel Luiz
  36. Angela Colleen Luttrell
  37. Angela Kay Marshky
  38. Angela Nichole Martinez
  39. Alyssa Angelique McLemore
  40. DeAngelo Marquis McNeil
  41. Enrique Angel Medel
  42. Angela Mae Meeker
  43. Angel A. Garcia Montero
  44. Winter Angel Rose Parks
  45. Angel Marie Phelps
  46. Angelo Gene Puglisi
  47. Angela Mae Rader
  48. Angela Sigrid Ramsey
  49. Angela Y. Reeder
  50. Angela Arlene Robles
  51. Luis Angel Sanchez
  52. Angelica Esperanza Sandoval
  53. Angel Manuel Santiago
  54. Angel Rene Sexton
  55. Angela Pitz Smith
  56. Angela Cherice Gwinn Stephens
  57. Angel Antonio Torres
  58. Angel Torres-Irizarry
  59. Angela Trujillo
  60. Angie Denise Tucker
  61. Angelica Marie Uballe
  62. Angelica Valenzuela
  63. Angela Loraine Westberry
  64. Angela Lynn Williams
  65. Michelle Angela Yarnell

3 thoughts on “Make-a-List Monday: Angels

  1. Cattt February 29, 2016 / 4:22 am

    The crazy list! Good Monday morning! : )

    • Meaghan February 29, 2016 / 5:54 pm

      I have no children and no intention of having them, but I enjoy reading baby name books and I think the name “Angela” is really pretty. So are it’s derivatives like “Angelina” or whatever. The problem is that she will inevitably be called “Angie” and I don’t care for that at all.

  2. Melinda April 16, 2017 / 4:27 pm

    So I know this is a year late…but I found out some stuff about #57 Angel Antonio Torres that has me a bit spooked.

    His disappearance might possibly be connected with the murder of a girl named Ashley Ouellette back in 1999 in the Saco/Biddeford area of Maine.
    Apparently he knew who killed her and the last people to see him may have been responsible for both her death and his disappearance.
    One of the guys, Jason Carney, died at 36 years old and took whatever secrets he had to the grave.

    The other two possible suspects (in Ashley’s murder and possibly Angel’s disappearance) are brothers; one of them has an extensive criminal record.
    Some people believe that Angel’s disappearance could have been drug-related, but I personally feel that he was killed due to his knowledge of Ashley’s murder.

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