Something happened

You all might recall my nephew, Nick. In 2014 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor that, I heard, was supposed to kill him, except it didn’t. Then this past summer, he was in a car wreck and was ejected from the vehicle. 75% of that time that happens, the person dies. Nick lived. We all started saying that he had nine lives or something.

I’m not close to that branch of the family and rarely see them except on holidays. The last time I saw Nick was at Christmas. I think the only thing I said to him was something like “Wear your seat belt next time.” Which, I suppose, he must have heard a gazillion times before.

Well, my nephew died yesterday, at around one p.m. Alone, at home, and with no warning at all. We’re all stunned. He had never indicated that anything was wrong. He had bought a car, he had a girlfriend. No one knows why this happened and we may never know.

When I heard the news I was on my way to a comedy club with Michael and my father. I’d gotten free tickets for me and seven other people and we were all supposed to meet up at the club. Well, when Dad and I found out what happened we were suddenly not in the mood for comedy. So we went there, I got all my friends inside saying I couldn’t do it because of a family emergency, and then Dad and I left and took Michael’s car back to his house.

None of us knew of anything we could do that would help the situation. Mom (who was the one who told me) said not to call my brother yet. Dad and I wound up watching a TV documentary about jellyfish because we couldn’t think of anything else to do.

I can’t imagine the pain my brother and his wife and their other kids are going through right now.

Nick was 23 years old.