Seeing them living, part II

I have written before about the pre-disappearance online presence of MPs. I just found another, while researching Steven Jones’s case (they’ve found the motorcycle, but not, apparently, his body). I’m quite sure that he’s the same Steven Jones who got sued six years ago because of some comments he posted on the internet. The place is right, the age is right, and my Steven Jones was apparently outspoken, just like the Steven Jones who posted the online comments.

Of course this has nothing to do with anything. I’m just throwing that tidbit out there.


It would be nice if the authors of this article could provide additional information on this disappearance, or at least, about the disappeared person herself. I had never heard of Sonya Tukes before. She’s not listed in NamUs and I don’t have any descriptive info other than what I can glean from the photo. I don’t have the date for when she disappeared. I don’t have anything I can really use to construct a casefile, not even a bare-bones one.