Arkadiy Tashman missing 11 years today

I noticed that Arkadiy Tashman, a seventeen-year-old from New York City, disappeared eleven years ago today. He left behind a note which I can’t interpret any other way but as a suicide note, but there was no other sign. He seems to have vanished without a trace.

If Arkadiy is┬ástill alive, he’d be 28. This is a very mysterious case.

MP of the week: Ashley Parlier

This week’s featured missing person is Ashley Marie Parlier, missing since June 2005 from Battle Creek, Michigan. I didn’t have much on her, so I Googled her and discovered NAMPN has some information I didn’t have, including that she was slightly mentally disabled, with the capacity of a fourteen-year-old.

This 2013 article, which cites the Charley Project, says she “was apparently a part of a high risk lifestyle.” I don’t know where they’re getting that from. I describe her as a “shy, quiet person with few friends.” She lived with her parents and didn’t have a car or a credit card. That’s about the opposite of high risk. I don’t see any “high risk” traits at all, other than her being pregnant out of wedlock. Although that by itself is often risky enough.

It’s been ten and a half years. Ashley would be 31 today, if she’s still alive. But I don’t think she is.