God, how I do get sick of this

My dear friend Annie Keller shared an article on Facebook today about another family abduction case, where a mom made off with her two boys even though the father had custody. They’ve been missing for months.

Most of the Facebook commenters were supportive of the father and said they hoped the boys would be found soon and the mother punished for her crime. But typically, there were people who automatically assumed the father must be an Evil Abusive Parent ™ and the mother was right to kidnap the children. A comment on the Facebook link:

There could be a reason as to why the mother left with her boys. This is just his side of the story. I know a woman who ran with her daughter to keep her safe from the father who was molesting the girl. The father played like he had done nothing wrong and ask for help in finding them. Long story short……u never know what truly is going on and if someone does know where this mother and her 2 sons are and tells they could be putting them in danger. So before falling all for the dad’s sad story get all the facts first. And if someone does know where the boys are before telling maybe find out from the mother as to why she ran.

God, that kind of thing disgusts me. It seems like parental abduction is the only crime you can commit where loads of complete strangers automatically support you and even call you a hero.

I replied to that comment with one of my own:

If you heard about someone who robbed a bank would you say “he could have had a good reason, maybe his house was about to be foreclosed and he had to keep his kids from being homeless”? Why is it when a parent abducts their child, especially a mother, so many people automatically give them the benefit of doubt? Parental abduction is child abuse. Most kids in that situation wind up with their educations interrupted, little or no access to health care, having to move all the time and use different names, being told horrible lies about the left behind parent, not to mention losing access to half their family. I know a lot more than most people do on this subject. Most of the time the abductor isn’t trying to give the child a better life, they are trying to spite their ex. It causes immense psychological harm to the child. And people like you automatically support them. You should be ashamed.

Are there instances where the abducted child is being taken from an abusive situation? Undoubtedly. Once in awhile. Just like there are situations where, say, a person is forced to kill another person in self defense or be killed themselves. But what really upsets me is when so many people ASSUME the abductor is justified. Every. Single. Time.

One thought on “God, how I do get sick of this

  1. HennyLee January 19, 2016 / 11:26 am

    Nice Come back! i agree with you whole heatedly!

    We live in a society where Mothers are automatically pinned to be the Parent a child should be with. And that is NOT always the case.

    My husband had a child when he was 19… he and the mother were together all through the pregnancy – they lived at my mother-in laws home. At 3 weeks old she suddenly met a new guy and left. My husband raised his son – with the help of his mom. after the baby turned a year old – she got pregnant again – by another guy (Not even the one she left for) – that baby she left at the hospital – the father took him home. No one heard from her for 5 years. Suddenly she popped back up and wanted to be part of his life. She took him typically on Wednesdays – when she bothered to show up. At 10 years old… My husband’s mom got sick – and passed away within a weeks time. During the turmoil of that … she took her son to “Help out” while my husband tried to get things done for the funeral etc… Well long story short – she never gave the son back. She applied for child support and because my husband (the bone head that he is) never filed any paperwork back in the day – they have retro activated Child support back to 1999 when he was born. We have battled in court and they do not want to hear it. They call him a dead beat dad. He has almost been thrown in jail as we struggle to come up with Lump sums of money. It’s insane! And I DO know the whole story because I was there – I have known my husband our whole lives – our moms were best friends. My stepson is now 16 and wants to live with us… but its a battle with her – and with my husband owing the back support – courts fight us as does she.

    Speaking as a female – woman are not always the BEST choice in a situation. I think society has to look at the big picture.

    And in instances like the one you are talking about – it’s kind of a broad statement for anyone to make when they don’t know the situation at all.

    I agree with you – it’s crazy and irritating!

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