Make-a-List Monday: Facebook

Lots of missing people have Facebook pages set up for them now. It’s very convenient for me, because I can often find loads of information — mostly pictures — on the Facebook pages. So I thought I’d do a list of Charley cases that have Facebook pages. There are probably more than I’m unaware of.

  1. Fawn Marlene Abell and Rozlin Rochelle Abell (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  2. Christopher Enoch Abeyta (Facebook/Charley)
  3. Kathryn Louise Adam (Facebook/Charley)
  4. Patricia Ann Adkins (Facebook/Charley)
  5. Genevieve Kathryn Alexander (Facebook/Charley)
  6. Mary Anne Alexie (Facebook/Charley)
  7. Heidi Marie Allen (Facebook/Charley)
  8. Sharon Rose Apgar (Facebook/Charley)
  9. Trudy Leann Appleby (Facebook/Charley)
  10. Kelly Jon Armstrong (Facebook/Charley)
  11. Debra Jean Asbury (Facebook/Charley)
  12. Janee Nicole Ashley (Facebook/Charley)
  13. Larry Richard Baker Sr. (Facebook/Charley)
  14. Colton Ross Barrera (Facebook/Charley)
  15. Stevie Danielle Bates (Facebook/Charley)
  16. Lindsey Jo Baum (Facebook/Charley)
  17. Patrick Jason Beavers (Facebook/Charley)
  18. Jeremy Bechtel and Erin Foster (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  19. David Ezell Blockett (Facebook/Charley)
  20. Mark Lawrence Bosworth (Facebook/Charley)
  21. Aundria Michelle Bowman (Facebook/Charley)
  22. Diamond Yvette Bradley and Tionda Z. Bradley (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  23. Zackery Lee Brewer (Facebook/Charley)
  24. Johnny Lamar Brown (Facebook/Charley)
  25. Nichole R. Burgess (Facebook/Charley)
  26. Mark Travis Burkett Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  27. Ian Hunter Burnet (Facebook/Charley)
  28. Joseph Michael Bushling (Facebook/Charley)
  29. Teresa Lynn Butler (Facebook/Charley)
  30. Roberta Rene Cable (Facebook/Charley)
  31. Richard Keith Call and Cassandra Lee Hailey (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  32. Dawn Joy Carlson (Facebook/Charley)
  33. Ashley Marie Carroll (Facebook/Charley)
  34. Rex Casper (Facebook/Charley)
  35. Isabel Mercedes Celis (Facebook/Charley)
  36. Mindi Chambers (Facebook/Charley)
  37. Shawna Chavez (Facebook/Charley)
  38. Danica Diane Childs (Facebook/Charley)
  39. Kristopher David Clarke (Facebook/Charley)
  40. Samatha Lynn Clonch (Facebook/Charley)
  41. Brian David Cook (Facebook/Charley)
  42. Thomas Randall Cook (Facebook/Charley)
  43. Jeremy Ray Coots (Facebook/Charley)
  44. Misty Donna Copsey (Facebook/Charley)
  45. Joseph Paul Cordova (Facebook/Charley)
  46. Kayla Mae Croft-Payne (Facebook/Charley)
  47. Amber Nicole Crum (Facebook/Charley)
  48. Athena Joy Curry (Facebook/Charley)
  49. Rachel Lucille Cyriacks (Facebook/Charley)
  50. Marie Chantal Dally (Facebook/Charley)
  51. Christopher Gage Daniel and Chloie Rhianna Leverette (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  52. Teresa Melissa Dean (Facebook/Charley)
  53. Alicia Digna (Facebook/Charley)
  54. Robert F. Duerr (Facebook/Charley)
  55. Diane Genice Dye (Facebook/Charley)
  56. Keith Lee Ebrecht (Facebook/Charley)
  57. Madeline Kelly Edman (Facebook/Charley)
  58. Ashley Marie Eiffert (Facebook/Charley)
  59. Averie Grace Evans (Facebook/Charley)
  60. Amy Lee Fandel and Scott Curtis Fandel (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  61. Keiosha Marie Felix (Facebook/Charley)
  62. Ruben David Felix (Facebook/Charley)
  63. Shane Michael Fell (Facebook/Charley)
  64. Diego Alejandro Flores and Tammy Alexandra Flores (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  65. Veranda Anita Flores (Facebook/Charley)
  66. Barbara Sue Frame (Facebook/Charley)
  67. Sheila Franks (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  68. Frank D. Frazier (Facebook/Charley)
  69. Evelyn Ann Frisco (Facebook/Charley)
  70. Paul Joseph Fronczak (Facebook/Charley)
  71. Zaylee Grace Fryar (Facebook/Charley)
  72. Irma Yolanda Gamez (Facebook/Charley)
  73. Adrianna Hope Garcia (Facebook/Charley)
  74. Rose Marie Gayhart (Facebook/Charley)
  75. Omar Jabree Gibson (Facebook/Charley)
  76. Samantha Lynn Gonzales (Facebook/Charley)
  77. Lael Marie Grant (Facebook/Charley)
  78. Peter Burns Greene (Facebook/Charley)
  79. Tageana Elizabeth Griffith (Facebook/Charley)
  80. Brian Grocki (Facebook/Charley)
  81. William Gu (Facebook/Charley)
  82. William Dale Gunn (Facebook/Charley)
  83. Brandy Lynn Hall (Facebook/Charley)
  84. Christian Glen Hall (Facebook/Charley)
  85. Cleashindra Denise Hall (Facebook/Charley)
  86. Joan Leigh Hall (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  87. Chang Ho Han (Facebook/Charley)
  88. Jael Tiara Hamblen (Facebook/Charley)
  89. Diana Lynn Harris (Facebook/Charley)
  90. Sabrina Lee Hatheway (Facebook/Charley)
  91. Colt Rydell Haynes (Facebook/Charley)
  92. Richard Lee Haynes Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  93. Charles Arlin Leon Henderson (Facebook/Charley)
  94. Heather Lynn Higgins (Facebook/Charley)
  95. Richard Eugene Dale Hitchcock (Facebook/Charley)
  96. Pamela Sue Hobley and Patricia Ann Spencer (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  97. Kelly Junior Hollan (Facebook/Charley)
  98. Brian Neil Hooks (Facebook/Charley)
  99. Zoe Camille Hope (Facebook/Charley)
  100. Kyron Richard Horman (Facebook/Charley)
  101. Sandra Jean House (Facebook/Charley)
  102. Crishtian Michael Hughes (Facebook/Charley)
  103. Kaylah Neveah Hunter and Kristian Dejuan Justice (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  104. Lisa Renee Irwin (Facebook/Charley)
  105. Elaine Johnson (Facebook/Charley)
  106. Gabriel Scott Johnson (Facebook/Charley)
  107. Bianca Lily Jones (Facebook/Charley)
  108. Pamela Gay Jones (Facebook/Charley)
  109. Alivia Christine Kail (Facebook/Charley)
  110. Jascie Kara Kaywaykla (Facebook/Charley)
  111. Matthew Ellis Keith (Facebook/Charley)
  112. Tricia J. Kellett (Facebook/Charley)
  113. Adam Christopher Kellner (Facebook/Charley)
  114. Kimberley Kay Kersey (Facebook/Charley)
  115. Sarah Elizabeth Kinslow (Facebook/Charley)
  116. Scott Allen Kleeschulte (Facebook/Charley)
  117. Peter Sean Kosky (Facebook/Charley)
  118. Monique Joyce Krewedl (Facebook/Charley)
  119. Jason Lewis Kyles (Facebook/Charley)
  120. Shannon Clair LaBau (Facebook/Charley)
  121. Cassandra Ann Lalonde (Facebook/Charley)
  122. Patricia Ann Lalonde (Facebook/Charley)
  123. Sierra Mae Lamar (Facebook/Charley)
  124. Erik Swan Lamberg (Facebook/Charley)
  125. Bryce David Laspisa (Facebook/Charley)
  126. Connie Frances Leonard (Facebook/Charley)
  127. Tammy Lynn Leppert (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  128. Heather Janelle Lewis (Facebook/Charley)
  129. Myra Lewis (Facebook/Charley)
  130. O’Dina Jeanette Lucero (Facebook/Charley)
  131. John Ray Ludolph V (Facebook/Charley)
  132. Derek Joseph Lueking (Facebook/Charley)
  133. Aliayah Paige Lunsford (Facebook/Charley)
  134. Tammy Mahoney (Facebook/Charley)
  135. Gabriel Leonardo Makielski-Rivera and Isabel Marie Makielski-Rivera (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  136. Timur Mardeyev (Facebook/Charley)
  137. Alicia Bernice Markovich (Facebook/Charley)
  138. Sherry Lynn Marler (Facebook/Charley)
  139. Morgan Keyanna Martin (Facebook/Charley)
  140. Vernon Cody Matthews (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  141. Neo Babson Maximus (Facebook/Charley)
  142. Lisa Marie McCumisky (Facebook/Charley)
  143. Melissa Diane McGuinn (Facebook/Charley)
  144. Zaden Alexander McKnight (Facebook/Charley)
  145. Hope Danielle Meek (Facebook/Charley)
  146. Deanna Michelle Merryfield (Facebook/Charley)
  147. Sky Elijah Metalwala (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  148. Marta Alicia Michel (Facebook/Charley)
  149. Dannette Latonia Millbrooks and Jeannette Latressa Millbrooks (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  150. Mark Allen Miller (Facebook/Charley)
  151. Irma Mkrtchyan (Facebook/Charley)
  152. Tammie Michelle Mooney (Facebook/Charley)
  153. Ashley Morris Mullis (Facebook/Charley)
  154. Thomas Charles Murray Jr. (Facebook/Charley)
  155. David Virgil Neily (Facebook/Charley)
  156. Trung Quang Ngo (Facebook/Charley)
  157. Kara Nancy Nichols (Facebook/Charley)
  158. Georgia Darlene Nolan (Facebook/Charley)
  159. Leigh Marine Occhi (Facebook/Charley)
  160. Brian Keith Orolin (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  161. Crystal Lynn Ortega and Misty Dawn Ortega (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  162. Beverly Ann Ozuna-Ulrich (Facebook/Charley)
  163. Carey Mae Parker (Facebook/Charley)
  164. Erica Lynn Parsons (Facebook and Facebook/Charley)
  165. Laurie Lynn Partridge (Facebook/Charley)
  166. William Fred Patient (Facebook/Charley)
  167. Emily Wynell Paul (Facebook/Charley)
  168. Tyler Christopher Payne (Facebook/Charley)
  169. Glenn Warren Pennie (Facebook/Charley)
  170. Brett Burton Perry (Facebook/Charley)
  171. Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf (Facebook/Charley)
  172. Katherine Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips (Facebook/Charley)
  173. Lisa Ann Pierce (Facebook/Charley)
  174. April Beth Pitzer (Facebook/Charley)
  175. Janice Kathryn Pockett (Facebook/Charley)
  176. Lea Chali Porter (Facebook/Charley)
  177. Wayne David Powell (Facebook/Charley)
  178. Rachel Geraldine Pratt (Facebook/Charley)
  179. Peggy Rahn and Wendy Brown Stevenson (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  180. Jason D. Reil (Facebook/Charley)
  181. Thomas Michael Rettew (Facebook/Charley)
  182. Jamir Bashir Richardson (Facebook/Charley)
  183. Lori Jane Eblin Reaves Richardson (Facebook/Charley)
  184. Simone Stephanie Ridinger (Facebook/Charley)
  185. LaQuanta Nachelle Riley (Facebook/Charley)
  186. Cindy L. Rivera (Facebook/Charley)
  187. Kenneth Douglas Roberts Sr. (Facebook/Charley)
  188. Brittany Shante Robinson (Facebook/Charley)
  189. Qua’mere Sincere Rogers (Facebook/Charley)
  190. Jesse Warren Ross (Facebook/Charley)
  191. Relisha Tenau Rudd (Facebook/Charley)
  192. Isaac John Savoie and Rebecca May Savoie (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  193. Jonathan Schaff (Facebook/Charley)
  194. Karissa Alline Schell (Facebook/Charley)
  195. Kelsie Jean Schelling (Facebook/Charley)
  196. Trukita Jaquita Scott (Facebook/Charley)
  197. Damien Mark Sharp (Facebook/Charley)
  198. Evelyn Audrey Shelton (Facebook/Charley)
  199. D’Wan Christian Sims (Facebook/Charley)
  200. Kelly Diane Sims (Facebook/Charley)
  201. Alexander William Skelton, Andrew Ryan Skelton and Tanner Lucas Skelton (Facebook/Charley, Charley and Charley)
  202. Patricia Marie Small (Facebook/Charley)
  203. Dashad Laquinn Smith (Facebook/Charley)
  204. William Paul Smolinski (Facebook/Charley)
  205. Daniel William Southers (Facebook/Charley)
  206. Luke David Stout (Facebook/Charley)
  207. Edward Ashton Stubbs (Facebook/Charley)
  208. Kylan Patrick Stubler (Facebook/Charley)
  209. Thomas Stephen Stump (Facebook/Charley)
  210. Elizabeth Michelle Sullivan (Facebook/Charley)
  211. Mary Jean Sylvestre (Facebook/Charley)
  212. Heather Danyelle Teague (Facebook/Charley)
  213. Terry Lynn Tersak (Facebook/Charley)
  214. Edna Christine Thorne (Facebook/Charley)
  215. Bethany Marie Tiner (Facebook/Charley)
  216. Helen Theresa Valentine (Facebook/Charley)
  217. Cindy D. Valle (Facebook/Charley)
  218. Elyssa Marie Vasquez (Facebook/Charley)
  219. Charles Jason Vosseler and William Martin Vosseler (Facebook/Charley and Charley)
  220. David Wayne Waggoner (Facebook/Charley)
  221. Lisa Marie Wallace (Facebook/Charley)
  222. Terkessa Wallace (Facebook/Charley)
  223. Nicole Yvonne Waller (Facebook/Charley)
  224. Christine Lindsey Walters (Facebook/Charley)
  225. Rebecca Ann Ware (Facebook/Charley)
  226. David Clayton Warner (Facebook/Charley)
  227. Adrian Demont Washington (Facebook/Charley)
  228. Joseph Weber IV (Facebook/Charley)
  229. Tamala Niecole Wells (Facebook/Charley)
  230. Marc Charles Welzant (Facebook/Charley)
  231. Caleta Sade White (Facebook/Charley)
  232. Lisa Joy White (Facebook/Charley)
  233. Tiffany Michelle Whitton (Facebook/Charley)
  234. Heide Dawn Wilbur (Facebook/Charley)
  235. Becky Jane Williams (Facebook/Charley)
  236. Tracy Lynn Winslow (Facebook/Charley)
  237. Brittney Nicole Wood (Facebook/Charley)
  238. Paula Anne Worcester (Facebook/Charley)
  239. Fred Wright (Facebook/Charley)
  240. Shelby Raistlin Wright (Facebook/Charley)
  241. Hannah Marie Zaccaglini (Facebook/Charley)
  242. Danielle Marie Zacot (Facebook/Charley)