Some new APs

A list of age-progressions I updated today. (I only list an AP on the updates page if the MP did not have any prior age-progression. I don’t if they had an AP already and it just got changed.)

  1. Reuben Bennett Blackwell II
  2. Eitan Ariel Blasingame
  3. Stephanie Lyn Crane
  4. Stephen Douglas
  5. Patrick Lee Ghering
  6. Reachelle Marie Smith
  7. Ligia Miranda Uribe-Ramos
  8. Michelle Ileana Uribe-Ramos
  9. Angelica Valenzuela
  10. Marisa Velasco

Make-a-List Monday: Gangs

A list of possibly gang-related disappearances. The MP doesn’t necessarily have to have been in a gang themselves, but perhaps the MP associated with gang members, or had nothing to do with gangs at all but the police think a gang victimized that person and caused them to disappear. Etc.

  1. Sharon Rose Apgar
  2. Mary Edna Badaracco
  3. Paget Renee Barr
  4. Amy Billig
  5. Michael James Borges
  6. William Walter Brooks Jr.
  7. Eric Lawrence Brown
  8. Nicholas O. Brown
  9. Tyrone Lydell Bryant
  10. Travis Wendell Burley
  11. David Antonio Cambray
  12. Susan Marie DeQuina
  13. Jimmy Wayne Edwards
  14. Kevin Andre Gardner
  15. Gabriela Leticia Gonzalez
  16. Trevell Lamar Henley
  17. Deniese Shalize Hiraman
  18. Gus Henry Hoffman Jr.
  19. Cheryl Ann Moser Iacovone
  20. Ron Walter Knutson
  21. Gabriel Martinez
  22. Diana Lynn Miller
  23. Justin Weldon O’Brien
  24. Paresh Patel
  25. Erin Kay Pospisil
  26. Tammy Dawn Risenhoover
  27. Joseph Thomas Rodziewicz Jr.
  28. Warner James Rose
  29. Victor Trejo
  30. Shannon Rayanne Turner
  31. Eric Vidal
  32. Virginia Alice Welch
  33. Rhonda Lynn Yocom
  34. Evon Young

It’s so sad to see how young many of these people were. Victor Trejo, for example, was only fourteen, and Deniese Hiraman was thirteen. It reminds me of Todd Strasser’s novel If I Grow Up, which is about a young boy who’s trying as hard as he can to stay away from the violence and despair of the housing project where he lives, but winds up sucked into gang life anyway.