Found deceased, recently and otherwise

Some of the Charley Project MPs have been found dead. In some cases they were just recently located, and in others they were located an embarrassingly long time ago and I just didn’t hear about it till now (thanks to helpful Charley Project Irregulars who sent me the information).

  • Bobby Nathan Simpson’s were located last month and identified a few days ago. He had taken an overdose of aspirin in a suicide attempt and was taken to the hospital, but somehow managed to walk out before he could be treated. I don’t suppose anyone ever had a lot of hope that he would turn up alive.
  • Christopher Allen Mooney disappeared from Savannah, Georgia, and they found his sheets and blankets in the trash, soaked in blood, and a bloodstained hammer. Anthony Ingraham was charged with Mooney’s murder thirteen months later, and ultimately pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. Mooney’s remains were found in Effington County, Georgia on January 3.
  • Raven Joy Campbell disappeared from Lomita, California in 2009. She was mentally disabled and got Social Security benefits, and it was thought that someone was trying to take advantage of her to get at the money. Well, all the way back in July, her remains were found in her own home, behind a wall in the closet. Her family is upset and thinks she could have been found sooner.

One thought on “Found deceased, recently and otherwise

  1. Sam Solesbee April 24, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Evelyn Shelton was found deceased in South Carolina after nearly 5 years…

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