New pictures to ring in the New Year

A list of Charley Project cases with new pictures I just added:

  1. Genevieve Kathryn Alexander
  2. Heidi Marie Allen
  3. Richard Keith Call
  4. Rex Casper
  5. Mindi Chambers
  6. Danica Dianne Childs
  7. Brian David Cook
  8. Jeremy Ray Coots
  9. Shane Michael Fell
  10. Erin Leigh Foster
  11. Sheila Sherrell Franks
  12. Adrianna Hope Garcia
  13. Omar Jabree Gibson
  14. Peter Burns Greene
  15. Sandra Jean House
  16. Crishtian Michael Hughes
  17. Matthew Ellis Keith
  18. Erik Swan Lamberg
  19. Derek Joseph Lueking
  20. Aliayah Paige Lunsford
  21. Timur Mardeyev
  22. Hope Danielle Meek
  23. Ashley Morris Mullis
  24. Thomas Charles Murray Jr.
  25. Kara Nancy Nichols
  26. Georgia Darlene Nolan
  27. Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf
  28. Erica Lynn Parsons
  29. Lisa Ann Pierce
  30. Lea Chali Porter
  31. Jason D. Reil
  32. Cindy L. Rivera
  33. Jonathan Schaff
  34. Kelly Diane Sims
  35. Patricia Marie Small
  36. Luke David Stout
  37. Thomas Stephen Stump
  38. Cindy D. Valle
  39. Tamala Niecole Wells
  40. Danielle Marie Zacot

93 pics in all, if I added it up right.

2 thoughts on “New pictures to ring in the New Year

  1. Mia January 3, 2016 / 11:44 am

    It always saddens me to see how unhappy Aliyah (or however her idiot mother spelled it) Lunsford looks in all her pictures. Three-year-olds aren’t supposed to look depressed. That poor little girl never stood a chance.

    • Meaghan January 3, 2016 / 11:51 am

      I try not to judge a person’s life based on a few photos, as a picture is not necessarily worth a thousand words in that instance. (See my posts about my own resting frowny face.) But it does seem likely that Aaliayah was as unhappy in her short life as she appeared. I only hope her siblings were saved in time.

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