A question

I have got a question about NamUs that I hope someone will answer: why do they sometimes put up MP cases with no law enforcement contact number, or contact information of any description at all? I’m not talking about historical cases like from the twenties or something. I’ve seen this happen with recent cases too. This one, for instance. I’d like to post it on Charley but I can’t put up a case without LE contact (unless it’s a historic one that is).

Is there some specific reason or reasons to leave out LE contact information, or is it simply an oversight?

Okay, this is really creepy

Per ABC Chicago (for some reason), they’ve have discovered the bones of a child hidden in some outdoor planter boxes in San Francisco. There’s some speculation that the bones are from Kevin Collins, a San Francisco child whose disappearance is legendary, but so far the authorities have released exactly nothing by way of information. No cause of death, no gender or approximate age, etc.

Whoever this is, I hope the cops are able to identify him/her quickly and put some family’s agony to rest.

Given my morbid mindset and the work I do, I often speculate what would be the best way to hide a body. I’d never considered planter boxes before. That idea does have some merit I admit, though you’ve to wait until the remains were skeletal and no longer smelly.

Flashback Friday: James McNeely

This Flashback Friday case is not a mystery: James Willard McNeely was on a flood rescue mission when he himself got into trouble with his boat and presumably drowned. That was on April 8, 1972 — 43 years old. McNeely would be in his late seventies if he were still alive today.

I do hope McNeely was given all the honors awarded to cops who die in the line of duty.