Prostitution and “endangered missing”

I am, as I have said, going through all my cases looking for errors. So far I’ve been making good progress. But there’s an issue I thought I’d address with you blog readers.

There are a number of things about an MP case that will cause me to automatically list them as “endangered missing” rather than simply “missing”: such as if they are under 18 or over 65, if they left their car or other belongings behind, if they have any type of medical condition, etc.

My question: should I add prostitution to that list? After all, it is a high-risk lifestyle. But is that enough to assume that any prostitute who’s dropped out of sight is probably endangered?


This is a new one

So I’m writing up more runaway cases this morning, trying to catch up, and I just came across something unusual: Sunia Sultana‘s disappearance is being investigated not by the police, per se, but by the State Department’s┬áDiplomatic Security Service. Never seen that before.

The only reason I can think for this is that one of Sunia’s parents is a diplomat or some other foreign dignitary. I have no idea what country she’s from. I tried looking her up in Interpol’s missing persons database, but no dice.