I’m on fire today

I had a great deal of fun working on today’s updates, and plan to have even more fun tomorrow. I was just now writing up tweets to run on the CharleysMissing Twitter account later this month. It had fallen by the wayside and hadn’t run any tweets for like ten days, but now it’s set to go until at least December 31.

(By the way, the Twitter account now has 896 followers. Four more would put it up to 900. I’m just sayin’.)

A lot of times, to find cases to tweet about, I search for some random keyword and then pull cases that look interesting to me. Tonight one of the keywords I searched for was “horse.” I found a lot of intriguing cases with the word “horse” in them somewhere. Including one where a guy was last seen at a stable and some jackass, presumably the person responsible for the man’s disappearance, SHOT HIS HORSE. The horse died a few days later. Who the heck does that? I can only think that maybe the horse tried to defend the missing man from an attacker, but his dog was also present and wasn’t harmed.

MP of the week, a day late: Gustavo Valdovinos

I was out all day yesterday and couldn’t update. Anyway, this week’s featured missing person is Gustavo Baldovi Valdovinos, missing from Tyler, Texas since July 11, 2012. He was thirty-one at the time. I don’t have much on him. He’s left home before but never been gone for this long.