Make-a-List Monday: Cars found on bridges

This list is of MPs whose vehicles were found on a bridge after their disappearances. In many of those cases I tend to believe the MP jumped off.

  1. Geoffrey David Apke
  2. Zachary A. Aylsworth
  3. Eric Dickson Cansler
  4. Toni Danieele Clark
  5. Donald J. Davis
  6. Thomas Redd Evans
  7. Phillip Anthony Ferris
  8. Angela Lee Freeman
  9. Gregory Dean Gothard
  10. Edward J. Hegert
  11. Michael Davis Jeffreys
  12. William Jeffers Lank
  13. Isabella Mia Pastrana
  14. David Douglas Potts II
  15. Mark Wade Potts
  16. Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr.
  17. Sandra Stricklin
  18. Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas
  19. Donna Lee Urban
  20. Carlos Benjamin Urruela
  21. Aaron John Watkins
  22. Antwon Bernito Williams

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