My latest selfie

December 13, 2015
December 13, 2015

This is my latest selfie, taken last night. Back in October I decided to stop coloring my hair red, after twenty years. It cost over $75 at the salon every time I had it done and I felt that, since I was now 30 years old and supposed to be mature or something (hah!), I should spend the money on more sensible things. I always hated getting it done anyway. For me, as far as unpleasant experiences go it’s almost right up there with going to the dentist’s.

So I went back to the salon one last time and I had them strip the red dye from my hair as best they could (apparently it’s the hardest color to get off) and then dye my hair again, using my inch-long roots and a photo of myself from when I was ten years old as a guide to the color. A sort of ash brown. Although this photo makes my hair look redder than it actually is, I think it worked out pretty well, because I can’t tell the difference between the grown-out roots and the dyed hair.

The whole procedure cost like $125 to do, but it will be worth it in the long run because I’ll never have to dye my hair again.

What do I do here?

As you all know, loads of people send me emails about missing persons and the Charley Project in general. (And as you all know, I am often lax in replying. Sorry…) In fact I’ve got a small group of you I call the Charley Project Irregulars, who make a habit of emailing me links to news articles and other information about MPs. I am extremely grateful for any scrap of information people send me. It makes my job that much easier.

Anyway, once in a great while, someone sends me an email asking me to call them. Usually they are a relative of an MP. In fact I can’t remember anytime when this request wasn’t from a relative. This doesn’t happen very often, maybe once or twice a year at most.

I used to call these people without giving it much thought, like nine or ten years ago. And I never ran into any problems as a result. In fact I had some very touching conversations. But now I hesitate to do it. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. The person might want to yell at me about something, and I’d rather get yelled at over email than over the phone.
  2. The person might ask me questions I’m not capable of answering, or ask me to do something I simply can’t do. Like, if they have a tip on a case and want me to do something about it. It is kind of awkward for me to explain that I can’t help them, and I’d rather do the explaining over email.
  3. The person might not be who they say they are.
  4. The person might be who they say they are, but they might also be crazy.

It is for the third and fourth reasons that I am most reluctant to telephone a stranger who writes me about Charley. I’ve already been doxxed once by a certain person who shall not be named, and while nothing terrible resulted from that, I don’t want to take the risk of my cell phone number being made public. It was creepy enough when a stranger called Michael’s mom and asked her to ask me to call him back in 2013, and that person was a law enforcement officer.

Anyway…I got another of those emails asking me to call the sender. She says she’d the daughter of a missing woman profiled on Charley.

How do you recommend I respond to this? I’ve been sitting on this email for four days and I don’t want her to think I’m going to ignore her completely.

Make-a-List Monday: Cars found on bridges

This list is of MPs whose vehicles were found on a bridge after their disappearances. In many of those cases I tend to believe the MP jumped off.

  1. Geoffrey David Apke
  2. Zachary A. Aylsworth
  3. Eric Dickson Cansler
  4. Toni Danieele Clark
  5. Donald J. Davis
  6. Thomas Redd Evans
  7. Phillip Anthony Ferris
  8. Angela Lee Freeman
  9. Gregory Dean Gothard
  10. Edward J. Hegert
  11. Michael Davis Jeffreys
  12. William Jeffers Lank
  13. Isabella Mia Pastrana
  14. David Douglas Potts II
  15. Mark Wade Potts
  16. Hilary Harmon Stagg Jr.
  17. Sandra Stricklin
  18. Jaisle Elizabeth Thomas
  19. Donna Lee Urban
  20. Carlos Benjamin Urruela
  21. Aaron John Watkins
  22. Antwon Bernito Williams