Select It Sunday: D’Wan Sims

Chosen by Lisa, this week’s Select It Sunday case is D’Wan Christian Sims, a four-year-old who vanished from Livonia, Michigan 21 years ago next month.

D’Wan’s mom, Dwanna Harris (aka Jackson) said he vanished suddenly while they were shopping at the mall, but there’s no evidence he was ever actually there. In fact, given as how he never showed up on the mall’s security cameras and witnesses saw Harris there alone, there’s evidence that he WASN’T at the mall at all. So, then, where was he, and why did his mother lie?

Dwanna was convicted of misdemeanor assault in 1996; she threatened her husband with a knife. They had an infant daughter. Last indication of her whereabouts that I could find was from 2009, when she was interviewed by a Michigan newspaper over the phone. She lived in Durham, North Carolina at the time. There are several people named Dwanna Jackson and Dwanna Harris listed on Facebook, but I don’t know if any of them are her. She has maintained contact with the Livonia police over the years and hasn’t been officially named as a suspect in her son’s disappearance.