Flashback Friday: Dixie Forrester

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Dixie May Forrester, a 31-year-old mother last seen in Springfield, Missouri on July 11, 1971. If she were alive today she would be 76, but it seems pretty unlikely to me. The police actually arrested Dixie’s ex-husband for her murder, but had to let him go for lack of evidence.

I wonder if the case could have been, or maybe could still be, solved now with modern science and stuff. If Dixie’s ex did in fact commit the crime, he’s dead now and we can’t do anything to him anymore. But it might get some closure for her family.

I don’t have much on Dixie’s disappearance and no idea whether her ex-husband is still considered a suspect or not. I don’t even have a good photograph. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Dixie Forrester

  1. Karla Richardson July 16, 2016 / 12:33 am

    Any idea if she may have been pregnant at time of disappearance? We are searching for a biological mother that abandoned a baby in beech grove, in July 21st ir 22nd 1971 at a hooks drug store. There was an abandoned car in lot and baby was put into a brown paper sack left in an employees car. This baby is now looking for her mother and I am wondering if her mother could have been a missing person.

    • nikhole m wegner June 7, 2021 / 3:46 pm

      What location was the baby abandon? What city?

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