I seriously freaked out my dad just now

Dad called and I told him I was in Paris, and that Francois Hollande himself had asked me to come and help the relief efforts, find the people who are still missing in the aftermath of the terrible terrorist attacks. I told him how excited I was about being here and that I planned to stay as long as was needed to find all the missing. Oh, and that I’d quit taking my medication weeks ago.

Dad was just totally silent. The thing is, jaunting off to Paris because you think their president wants you to help with a matter of national importance ISĀ the kind of thing a person with bipolar disorder might do during a manic phase, especially if they’d stopped taking their medication. They can have very poor judgement and delusions of grandeur. Dad knows this.

I read about one guy who was bipolar and he flew from the UK to the US on a whim to play tennis. He brought literally nothing with him except his tennis racket. He didn’t tell his American relatives he was coming; he just called from the airport and said “I just got here, come and get me, I have to play tennis immediately.” Needless to say, he wound up in a psychiatric hospital.

I finally had mercy on my father and told him I was kidding. God only knows what he would have done if I really HAD been in Paris. I think he would have figured the joke out on his own, though, after a few minutes once he remembered that

A) My passport is expired

B) I think they closed the borders anyway.


One thought on “I seriously freaked out my dad just now

  1. Alison November 18, 2015 / 6:02 pm

    A sense of humour is always a good thing! Even about incredibly sad events…

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