Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered

I was looking for information on Darron Glass and came across this fascinating website about the Atlanta Child Murders. I don’t know much about the murders but I know there is a lot of doubt and controversy about them. This website has loads of info about the various connections between the people and places involved. It also has pictures of the victims and their families — and, in some cases, the crime scenes with the bodies in situ. (Just warning you.)

Flashback Friday: Tom Ray Starkel

This week’s Flashback Friday case is Tom Ray Starkel, a fresh-faced 19-year-old who disappeared from Palmdale, California on December 5, 1979. Another man turned up driving Starkel’s car, with a recently fired gun hidden under the driver’s seat, and gave multiple different stories as to what happened. He was released without charge.

I wonder what happened to the suspect. I suppose I’ll never know, unless he winds up getting charged in Starkel’s disappearance. With a name like “Craig Moore” he would be hard to track.