Tis the season for upper respiratory illnesses

Alas, I am laid low with an apparent throat infection. It’s been bothering me since Friday and I had thought to just let it run its course, give my immune system some exercise, but I feel worse and not better and aspirin etc. are not giving any relief from the pain. My throat feels like concrete. I called the doctor at 10:00 a.m. today and was told they couldn’t see me till tomorrow. I should’ve called straight after they opened; presumably the time-slots fill up early starting on Monday.

Anyway, I haven’t felt like doing much, certainly nothing that required any actual thinking. I did drag myself out of bed this evening and started working on a side project: I created a “minorities” blog category and then sub-categories and have started slotting entries into them. But with over 2,000 entries in this blog’s history this will take awhile.

I’m just hoping the doctor can give me something to make me a little more comfortable. She’s new and I don’t know her very well yet. Dr. Easley, who saw me through the Great Headache Crisis, would prescribe anything I asked for, up to and including morphine and fentanyl, the end result being that I have a whopping tolerance for opiates and can be still walking around on doses that would put most people in bed for a week. This new one is not like that. (Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. In retrospect, Dr. Easley’s chucking pain meds at me probably made my headache situation worse. I don’t blame him; he was doing the best he could and neither of us knew what was going on at the time. I’ve just learned more since then about chronic pain issues and opiate medication is not the way to treat them.)

I had really hoped to run an entry every day this month, but it’s just not gonna happen. I suppose I would have broken my streak on Thanksgiving anyway.

Hopefully I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

Make-a-List Monday: Black people without dark eyes

This list is for African-American people who don’t have brown or black eyes. There aren’t many of these, obviously, not in comparison with the overall black population on Charley.

  1. Kelly L. Allen
  2. Tameka Anderson
  3. David Barnes Sr.
  4. James Eric Bess
  5. Bruce Blackwood
  6. Martin Eric Bryant
  7. Dante Lamont Byrd
  8. Willie Reginald Clark
  9. Juginda Denel Dobbins
  10. Frank D. Frazier
  11. Equilla Lynn Hodrick
  12. Ardora Alethea Hogan
  13. Lillian Rochelle Holmes
  14. Maurice James II
  15. Dorothy Fay Johnson
  16. Tequila Neon Jones
  17. Michael Jermaine Lawson
  18. Rita Michele Maxwell
  19. Morris Morehead
  20. Emmett Oliver Jr.
  21. Ricky Ricardo Outlaw
  22. Owen C. Powell
  23. Ollie Lee Roberts
  24. Annie L. Sanders
  25. Shawn Desiree Short
  26. Robbin Lewis Slaughter
  27. Billie Jo Smith
  28. James Harold Smith
  29. Deborah Yvonne Wims
  30. Constance Wooten