Executed Today, Watson and Wimberly

My latest Executed Today post: two American soldier-rapists named Joseph Watson and Willie Wimberly, who raped a French civilian at gunpoint and shot both her and her father during World War II.

I hope the poor woman was able to recover from her ordeal, psychologically as well as physically. What an awful thing for our American soldiers to do on territory they were supposed to be liberating. Watson and Wimberly richly deserved their fate.

Select It Sunday: Gary Swanson

This week’s Select It Sunday was chosen by Denise: Gary James Swanson, missing from Aledo, Illinois since May 22, 2003. He was 32 years old and would now be 44.

It looks like Swanson left of his own accord, at least initially. He’d had a series of major setbacks in his life and possible PTSD, he left a note for his family, and he may have been seen hitchhiking in the area a week¬†after his disappearance.

However, the bit about the burned car makes me wonder. If you want to disappear, abandoning your car might be a good idea, but why bother to set it on fire?

My usual search turned up nothing new in this case, except one new picture of him which I have added to his casefile.